Download the file: Test Tones.rar

File includes:
– Sine wave tones at individual frequencies from 12 Hz up to 20,000 Hz.
– Linear and logarithmic sine wave sweeps
– White noise
– Pink noise
– Left and right sweeps


  1. Veer on

    Thanks a ton! I was looking for the burn in tracks like anything, it has everything!

    Just one query as newbie, if you can shed some light on how to burn in headphones using these tracks? I mean what should be the volume level, ideal source to play these tracks and should I continuously play these tracks for 50 hrs to burn in headphones?

    • average_joe on

      Hi Veer, thanks for the question. The source doesn’t matter, listening level should be the same a normal listening volume, and normal music works just fine. These tones are more for testing for channel imbalance, the response of headphones, and/or your hearing.

      • Veer on

        Thanks for clarifying many doubts! now onwards I will use my music collection to burn the headphones.

        Also I would like to thank you very much for, I refer it as bible for my headphones. I started from monoprice 8320, piston 2 and recently bought v-moda m80, each time it amaze me with great sound!! Kudos to your expertise!

        • average_joe on

          Thank you for the feedback and we are happy we can help you on your audio journey!

  2. touji666 on

    Hi joker.
    Sorry that i have to ask it here since i couldn’t find any ear-tip article on your site.

    Do you know if there is any difference between soundmagics foam tip from the ones made by comply (let’s say t-400)?

    Difference like in comfort, durability, or isolation since i have noticed that soundmagics foam tips are more affordable.

    • ljokerl on

      Yeah, they are made of very different materials. The Comply foam is much more porous and ends up being softer and more flexible. For me it tends to be slightly more comfortable. Soundmagic tips are non-porous and last longer as a result (earwax doesn’t absorb into the eartip) but I almost never use them since I have Complys.

      • touji666 on

        Thanks. How about soundwise?

        • ljokerl on

          Shouldn’t be a noticeable difference if you’re getting an equally good seal with both.

          • touji666 on

            Got it. Thanks

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