Kinera Freya Review – Metamorphosis

If you’re looking for powerful vocals complemented by a light and atmospheric presentation, the Freya is a beautiful and nicely refined example.

IMR R2 Aten review: Will do everything.

There are a lot of brands who don’t pop out into the grand scene of the audiophile world but make some engaging and exciting earphones. IMR acoustics is one of them, their R1 Zenith was a best seller in its price range and was highly praised by both reviewers and consumers. It had tuning filter […]

BQEYZ Spring 1 Review – Split

The Spring 1 excels in its careful modulation of engagement and smoothness to deliver strong tri-frequency contrast while upholding a tasteful tone and midrange voicing.

Status audio BT Transfer Bluetooth Earphone review

Coming out of the New York City Status audio founded by James Bertuzzi (who personally oversees product development and manufacturing) has made a name for their wireless earphones. They don’t sell fancy stuff with chrome or fancy metal on their product. Neither their products are endorsed by fancy artists. They make simple and functional products […]

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