Product Launch: SMSL SU-9n Balanced DAC!

Apos is excited to announce that they are now carrying SMSL’s latest DAC, the SU-9n. As its name would suggest, the SU-9n is positioned as a cheaper alternative to the SU-9, stripping down the feature set whilst retaining similar sound quality. This starts with the same ES9038PRO DAC Chip. However, as it is paired with […]

Product Launch: SMSL SA400 High-Resolution Power Amplifier

I think most of us are familiar with SMSL at this stage. While the company started life making affordable devices, they’ve since grown tremendously and have started tackling higher price tiers in turn. The SA400 is their latest device, an amplifier for speakers and 2.1 systems. It offers granular bass adjustment in addition to a […]