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Product Launch: SMSL SU-9n Balanced DAC!

Apos is excited to announce that they are now carrying SMSL’s latest DAC, the SU-9n. As its name would suggest, the SU-9n is positioned as a cheaper alternative to the SU-9, stripping down the feature set whilst retaining similar sound quality.

This starts with the same ES9038PRO DAC Chip. However, as it is paired with a slightly less capable USB decoder, the XMOS XU208, the user doesn’t receive MQA or UAT support. In addition, the dual low-noise crystal oscillators make way for the CK-02 clock processing unit.

The SU-9n does retain many key features such as the modern design with LCD display and BE 5.0 with aptX support. The n even outperforms the full-fledged SU-9 in certain areas such as THD+N and comes with an upgraded remote to boot.

The SU-9n comes in at just $399 USD as opposed to $459 USD on the SU-9. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio!


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Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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