xDuoo TA-26 Review – Great Scott!

Combined with a set of high-impedance cans, it makes for a reasonably priced, truly unique and romantic listening experience that you’d be hard pressed matching with other amp types.

Product Launch: xDuoo MT-601 and MT-602 Class-A Headphone Amps

Following how on the heals of the new TA-10R, xDuoo are proud to announce the MT-601 and MT-602 are now available on Apos Audio. These are budget Class-A headphone amplifiers coming in at just $89.99 and $99.99 USD respectively. The MT-601 featuring one 6N11 tube producing 200mW (32ohms) of power while the MT-602 featuring 2 […]

Deal Alert: Darkvoice 336SE Tube Headphone Amp Hits Lowest Price Ever!

The Darkvoice 336SE is an affordable tube amplifier designed to provide clear sound and amplification. It has enough power for high impedance headphones and hot-swappable tube slots to adjust the sound to listener preference. Apos are currently running a sale of the Darkvoice, at just $259.99 USD, making it the cheapest price this AMP has […]

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