DITA Perpetua Review – Timeless

If you’re looking for a velvety sound that balances powerful bass with excellent midrange definition and timbre, the Perpetua is without equal.

Apos Audio Now Carrying Final Audio and iFi Products!

Apos Audio is proud to announce that they’ll be expanding their selection with new products from the immensely popular Final Audio and iFi! Their store is now carrying all manner of Final Audio products from the new true-wireless ZE3000 to the all-out flagship planar magnetic headphone, the D8000 Pro. You can view their brand spotlight […]

Final D8000 Pro Review – Zen

The D8000 Pro meticulously balances summit-fi technicality with an inviting, balanced and genre-flexible tonality that I haven’t yet heard in such equal measure.

Fir Audio M4 Review – Detail Freak

The M4 is one of the best in-ear monitors on the market for those that enjoy a clean, tactile sound and want enormous detail retrieval presented in a holographic manner.

Final Audio A3000 & A4000 Review – Aberrant

Final Audio’s latest earphones offer unique qualities you won’t find recreated by competitors but also tonalities that differ from the majority. So long as this is to your preference, there is much to like about their detail retrieval and ability to play with space and clarity like few around this price point and well beyond.

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