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Product Launch: Final Audio VR2000!

Final Audio are renowned for producing both excellent budget products and truly TOTL products that push the envelope of innovation and creativity. The new A-series of earphones were a study into producing a large soundstage from an in-ear form factor and the new VR2000 serves as an extension to this endeavour. This IEM was designed for 3D gaming, VR and live audio recordings.

It uses a newly designed f-core DU driver that was custom-made in-house for the VR2000. It has a bespoke diaphragm, voice coil, magnets and even custom adhesives specially chosen for this model. The front driver housing is brass, and the voice coil is an ultra-fine CCAW 30 micron wire permitting an ultra-fast time response. A special focus has been placed on delivering a vast yet precise soundstage with exceptional clarity and speed.

The VR2000 has just launched today onto the international market for £59.99/$69.99/€67.99 from Amazon and selected retailers worldwide.



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