Audiophile matters: describing tonality

Neutral, coloration, reference, naturalness, and organic Following the previous post discussing the ‘music lover vs. audiophile’ approach, we move on…


plusSound X8 Gold-Plated Copper

This time we look at plusSound’s 8-braided gold-plated copper, a cable with a beautifully natural tonality and relatively uncolored sound.


Unique Melody Maestro v2 Custom Monitor Review

A while ago, Unique Melody has updated their flagship Maestro. The new monitor has a stellar performance and provides a weighty and dynamic presentation. Needless to say, it is a great sounding unit.


Campfire’s Vega and Dorado

Following Campfire’s success with Andromeda, they’re back for more. Campfire now offers not 1, but 3 ‘co-flagships’ alongside each other. Besides the 5 BA Andromeda, there’s the 3-driver hybrid Dorado, and Vega, which uses a newly developed diamond dynamic driver.


FAD Sonorous III-An Affordable Taste of the High End

Overall, I’d say the III is quite an accomplishment at the price. It gives one a taste of the detail, openness, and drive of the higher priced spread (and bears more than a passing resemblance to its older sib), at a reasonable (in these days of $4K headphones) price.


Lotoo Paw Gold

Lotoo hit the scene about to years ago with with their high end portable player, the Paw Gold. It remains hard to beat in the TOTL segment, with an energetic and highly resolving sound.