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Welcome to The Headphone List

various earphones Welcome to The Headphone List, where you will find one of the most comprehensive resources for information on universal-fit earphones and custom in-ear monitors, with products ranging from entry-level through top of the line. The site currently consists of two lists with filtering capability to help narrow your search, one for (mostly) universal in-ear earphones by ljokerl and the other for (mostly) custom in-ear monitors by average_joe. If you are just getting started in your search for the perfect in-ear earphones, the concise Earphone Buyers Guide can help you decide which ones will suit you best. Please use the comment sections on the articles to let us know if you have any questions!

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The Headphone List is currently in maintenance mode and some functionality has been disabled, including the ability to create new accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the problem resolved soon. 

Review Lists

In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Comparison/Review List by ljokerl

Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) Comparison/Review List by by average_joe


Latest buyer’s guides:

2014 Earphone Buyer’s Guide by sound signature (updated 03/01/2014)

Custom In-ear Monitor Buyer’s Guide

Budget Earphone Buyer’s Guide – the Best Earphones Under $50

Recent Reviews

News & Articles

Fiio X3 24 bit digital audio player

Fiio X3 24 bit/192K Digital Audio Player review

The Fiio X3 portable audio player is a 24 bit, 192 KHz sample rate standalone media play with asynchronous DAC functionality with one of the best interfaces for an upscale media player. While the recent focus has been on Pono, the X3 can playback high-rez files now and is worth a look.

T-Peos Popular

T-Peos Popular Review

The T-Peos Popular is similar in price and construction to the T-Peos Tank but delivers a more balanced and neutral sound

Olasonic Flat-4 Nami

Olasonic Flat-4 Nami TH-F4N Review

The Olasonic Flat-4 Nami is not just an interesting-looking earphone with a hefty price tag – listeners are sure to be impressed by the clarity, bass control, and soundstaging.

T-Peos Tank

T-Peos Tank Review

The new T-Peos Tank boasts headset functionality and a sturdy construction along with an enhanced-bass sound signature and warm tonal character.

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Proguard Fledimonitors with EarZlug

ProGuard Custom Fleximonitors Mark 2 musician’s earphones & filters review

The Proguard Custom Fleximonitors Mark 2 musicians earplugs offer filtering of loud sounds while retaining the ability to hear people and allow the filters to be swapped for drivers so you can enjoy your tunes with a custom-fit silicone shelled canal only fit.

Sony SBH80

Sony SBH80 Review: MH1C goes wireless

A wireless evolution of the MH1C, the Sony SBH80 does away with the cables and delivers a warm, clear, and smooth sound in a “wearable” form factor.

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Fidue A63

Fidue A63 Review

The Fidue A63 may be the company’s first mid-range in-ear monitor, but it ticks pretty much all the boxes for sound quality.

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HiSoundAudio BA100

HiSoundAudio BA100 Review

HiSoundAudio’s first Balanced Armature earphone utilizes a driver of their own design and is a solid entrant in the sub-$100 price bracket, combining a comfortable fit, solid noise isolation, and balanced sound.

EarSonics S-EM6 Limited Crystal Edition

EarSonics S-EM6 Crystal Edition universal fit CIEM review

The EarSonics S-EM6 is a universal fit version of the EM6 custom in-ear monitor, but with some improvements. How does it stack up to custom in-ears and other universals, and does it retain the EarSonics thick and spacious sound?

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Meze 11 Deco

Brief Impressions: T-Peos, Accidentally Extraordinary, Meze, NarMoo, Astrotec, & Olasonic In-Ear Earphones

A brief look at the T-Peos Tank/Popular/Spider, Accidentally Extraordinary Bamboo, Meze 11 Deco, NarMoo R1M, Astrotec AX35, and Olasonic Flat-4 Nami in-ear earphones

Custom Art Harmony 8

Custom Art Harmony 8 announcement: The first 8-driver custom in-ear monitor in silicone

Companies keep pushing the limit, and Custom Art Harmony 8 is the first CIEM with 8 drivers per-ear in a silicone shell, and will be available for pre-order soon.

JH Audio Roxanne Universal

JH Audio Roxanne Universal-fit 12-driver IEMs now shipping

The universal version of JH Audio’s flagship earphone, the Siren Series Roxanne, is now available.

Noble Wizard Design

Noble launches FR and PR variable-tuning in-ear monitors

Noble Audio has announced the launch of two variable-tuning universal in-ear monitors – the Noble FR and PR.

1964EARS 1964-V8

1964EARS launches 1964-V8 8-driver CIEM with introductory discount

Portland, OR-based 1964EARS has announced a new flagship custom in-ear monitor – the 8-driver 1964-V8.

Rhines Custom Monitors Stage 5 in new wood + leather cases for audiophiles

Rhines Custom Monitors new models including the Stage 5: starting the year right

Since the split of Compact Monitors, both new companies have been busy. Check out what Rhines Custom Monitors is up to, including the Stage 5.

Bluetooth Logo

Wireless fidelity: making sense of Bluetooth headphone technology

A brief introduction to Bluetooth headphone technology.

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Audio Review Setup- Amp testiing

Auditory memory and audio review technique

Human auditory memory lags behind visual and tactile memory. Find out our thoughts on how that affects audio reviews, and what can be done to overcome human limitations.

EarSonics SEM6 Devil Edition

EarSonics S-EM6 Devil Edition available this month only

The EarSonics S-EM6 Devil Edition is available for a limited time…March 2014. Grab one for the sound, get the Devil Edition for the eye catching red.

The Headphone List Best of CES 2014 award badge

CES 2014 Headphone Summary – “Best of CES” winners and honorable mentions

This post is a short summary of my CES 2014 Headphone impressions featuring a list of all the headphones I thought sounded promising at the show.


Announced: LEAR LCM/LUF-BD4.2 Dual Dynamic + 4 BA hybrid universal and custom-fit earphones!

LEAR have begun accepting orders for their new Dual Dynamic + 4 BA hybrid earphone in both universal and custom-fit form factors, the LEAR LCM/LUF-BD4.2



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