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Reviewed Nov 2010; 2010 single-ended version shown Details: Latest dynamic-driver offering from one of…


Reviewed June 2011 Details: Shure’s previous flagship and one of the first triple-armature universal-fit earphones…

Earphones Ultrasone IQ

Ultrasone’s new flagship in-ear takes a page right out of the Edition playbook, providing an on-the-go listening experience for the well-to-do. The Ultrasone IQ is a top performer in many ways but seems to sound better with a difficult-to-achieve deep seal.

Earphones Westone UM3X

Though extremely competent from a technical standpoint, the Westone UM3X has a peculiar way of presenting sound that won’t appeal to everyone.

Earphones Ultimate Ears 900

With such a widely revered predecessor and an even more easy-going sound signature, the new Ultimate Ears UE 900 is a high-end earphone for the masses.

Earphones Westone 2

The Westone 2 has arguably more mass appeal than any other dual-driver out there and is a good example of what many consider to be the ‘audiophile’ sound signature

Earphones Etymotic Research ER4S

Make no mistake – Etymotic’s flagship is still a top-tier IEM 15 years later. The fact that the ER4S costs $250 to some of the other flagships’ $400+ is a testament to its high value

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