OVC H15 Review – How Good Can a $50 ANC Dual Driver Be?


Introduction –

You would be excused for not knowing about OVC, I certainly didn’t and a quick Google search revealed little about the new upstart’s previous designs and products. But some interesting comments in their e-mail to me certainly caught my attention, their new H15 is, to my knowledge, a completely original active noise cancelling in-ear with a very conservative $50 USD asking price. In addition, OVC had some bold claims, comparing their product favourably with the venerable Bose QC20, an almost class-leading benchmark among active noise cancelling earphones. With an asking price under a quarter of Bose’s, let’s see if OVC’s latest in-ear manages to match or perhaps even best the Bose and other similarly priced in-ears in terms of noise attenuation and sound quality.



Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Shallow from OVC very much for her quick communication and for providing me with the H15 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories –

The H15 come within a small but well presenting box showcasing the earphones, basic features and specs on an outer sleeve. Sliding off the sleeve allows buyers to open the hard box underneath, revealing the earphones within a moulded plastic inlet.

Underneath is a soft pouch containing some addition accessories. OVC outfit the H15 with 5 pairs of eartips, 3 sizes of soft white/transparent silicone tips and 2 pairs of firmer, more rounded black tips; all with Bose-like stabiliser wings that keep the shallower fitting earphones firmly locked into the concha of the ear.

The earphones also come with a small magnetic clasp to keep the cable in order during storage and a plane adaptor since these are practically built for travel. Considering the price and higher manufacturing cost of ANC technology, I’m really happy with the unboxing, the package presents well and the included accessories are of faultless quality with no moulding issues, missing tips, etc.

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