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Earphones HiSoundAudio BA100

HiSoundAudio’s first Balanced Armature earphone utilizes a driver of their own design and is a solid entrant in the sub-$100 price bracket, combining a comfortable fit, solid noise isolation, and balanced sound.

Earphones Dunu DN-1000

The Dunu DN-1000 hybrid is a high-end earphone of a very rare breed – one of a select few that are bass-heavy, superbly clear, and also rather well-isolating.

Reviews Astell & Kern AK120

This top-tier (prior to the AK240) source from Astell & Kern combines great features offer versatility and the well thought out user interface for a pleasurable experience. Add the small size and good sound quality and the AK120 will please those looking for a polished, feature rich product that is perfect for travel or use anywhere.

Headphones Rock-It Sounds R-DJ Folded

The Rock-It Sounds R-DJ is my favorite of the company’s newest releases, offering up a slightly v-shaped sound signature with ample bass.

Headphones Munitio PRO40

The Munitio PRO40 is quick to impress with superb build quality and a compliant, comfortable fit. The sound loses a bit of refinement to the enhanced bass but is fun and capable all around.

Earphones RHA MA750

Early last year I found myself impressed with the entry-level RHA MA350 and hoped to see more great things from the Scottish manufacturer. This year starts off with another excellent RHA offering – the flagship MA750.

Earphones RBH EP1 EP2

The first in-ear model from speaker manufacturer RBH, the EP1 delivers good sound quality and a solid construction.

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