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Earphones 1MORE Triple Driver In Ear-Headphones E1001

1MORE first got our attention as the iF Design Award-winning minds behind Xiaomi’s ultra-successful Piston earphone line. Now, the San Diego-based company is carving out a piece of the headphone market under its own brand with a triple-driver in-ear monitor that delivers impressive performance.


Lotoo hit the scene about to years ago with with their high end portable player, the Paw Gold. It remains hard to beat in the TOTL segment, with an energetic and highly resolving sound.

Custom IEMs

After gaining worldwide recognition with the 6R, Jomo recently released a new reference-tuned flagship sporting 8 BA drivers: the Samba.

Cable Reviews

It’s cable time again, as we take another dive into the world of high end upgrade cables. This week featuring the Labkable Samurai III, and exotic blend of silver, gold and platinum.

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