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Impressions: ddHiFi C2023 and C100 travel cases

Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., better known as ddHiFi, has grown from a small Chinese-based company making connectors and adapters for the likes of FiiO and Oppo in 2017, to a fully-fledged audiophile accessory maker today.

I’ve had the pleasure of using many of the company’s products over the years, including some of the first travel cases designed specifically for portable audio enthusiasts. Earlier this year, DD released a series of updated travel cases that incorporate many of those early innovations.

The 2023 travel case vintage, called C2023 carry case for audiophiles, is like a miniaturised utility bag for those who want to take their valuable audio gear on walks, hikes, city trips, or even cross-country and international travel. The C100 earphone carrying case, made from the same materials as the C2023 case, is a double-sided, oversized pouch for carrying both IEMs and smaller accessories, and can be cleverly attached to the C2023 to create a pseudo-expandable carry system for longer trips.   

Both cases are made from sturdy, rugged nylon material, and feature cowhide leather for added protection – and style. But what makes these cases different, and particularly useful, is the careful, clever design of pockets, pouches and expandable storage that goes beyond accommodating audio gear, making them useful for different activities and even different gear. Let’s take a closer look. 


The C2023 carry case for audiophiles is a shoulder/hip carry bag made of 1680D double-strand nylon and black cowhide leather, lined with 150D polyester, and finished with genuine YKK metal slider zippers. The nylon is soft yet rugged to the touch, with a deep blue hue that gives it a functional and handsome rather than flashy look. 

Weighing in at 390g with the included shoulder strap, C2023 measures 20cm x 14cm x 18.5cm, and is priced at $59.99 direct from ddHiFi’s Aliexpress store, Linsoul, or Amazon.

With double-strand nylon on the outside, reinforced with cowhide leather on contact surfaces and padding foam in crush-sensitive areas, C2023 feels safe and secure even before you load it up with gear. It has a reassuring heft in hand, but isn’t heavy or overly bulky. In fact, it feels much more compact than it looks. 

Where ddHiFi’s 2022 design was rather stocky and fat, C2023 is taller and slimmer, making it more versatile for carrying today’s full-size transportable DAPs (like iBasso’s DX300 MAX) with ease, and can expand further for practical carries, like bottled water for instance. 

This makes C2023 much more than just a hi-fi gear bag, and depending on what you’re carrying, I can see it doubling as an everyday carry bag for students, businesspeople, and other busy commuters. 

C2023 features different options for carrying – or even just storing – your high-value items. On short trips, I can load it up with a full-size DAP (either the aforementioned DX300 MAX or the equally-bulky HiBy RS8) in the main compartment, with room to spare for an earphone case, additional earphones and cables in the front pouch, a small wallet with cash and cards, a large smartphone, and all the cables, accessories, cards and chargers I might need. 

Going on a hike? The rear pouch features a u-shaped zipper seam that expands the pouch to hold a water bottle or compact umbrella, leaving the main compartment for a DAP or phone, earphones and cables, wallet, cash, and sundries. 

Inside the main compartment you’ll also find smaller zippered pockets and slots for various bits and bobs. If you’ve ever wondered where to put all those loose cables, dongles, eartips, cards, and other accessories you often have to carry with you on a trip, chances are you’ll find a place to store them.  

Even fully-loaded, C2023 feels well-balanced because of its flat, padded, leather-lined base. With three D-rings positioned around the case, you can also choose different ways to attach the shoulder strap, carrying the case either over-shoulder or as an angled sling. Importantly, the adjustable strap is just as useful for shorter adults as it is for beanpoles like me.

You can also carry the C2023 case on a carabiner attached to a utility belt or backpack, or even inside a larger backpack if you want to keep your pricey gear hidden from view. Whichever way I’ve carried it, the C2023 always feels nicely balanced, with every compartment easily accessible at all times. 

Other than the open rear pouch, it also provides enough protection against light rainfall and accidental spills, something to consider when carrying delicate electronic equipment around with you. 

Overall, the C2023 carry case is a necessary and impressive evolution of ddHiFi’s early attempts, like the C2020 case with its earphone cable slot but limited padding, and even the larger, stronger but rather awkward C2021 utility case. Of all the cases I’ve seen on the market for an out-and-about walk with a DAP, IEMs, or even non-audio daily caries, this is the one I’d get for maximum protection, versatility and quality. 


Made with the same high-quality double-strand blue nylon, 150D polyester, black leather
and metal YKK zippers as its C2023 big brother, the C100 earphone case is much more than just that. Featuring two compartments in a round, clamshell design, you can fit at least two sets of earphones, high-end cables, cards, dongles and other small accessories across its partitioned sections.

The smaller top compartment features mesh pockets on the top and bottom for smaller, flatter accessories, with the middle section open for smaller earphones or cables. The bottom compartment is much larger, padded, with enough room for full-size IEMs, cables, dongles, or, if you prefer, multiple smaller accessories.

ddHiFi includes a 4-way padded divider inside the main compartment that you can use to keep different accessories separated from each other, or keep your IEM earpieces protected. The divider is removable, so you can use the empty compartment for larger equipment too. 

With a sturdy carabiner built in to one side of the case, the C100 can be thrown in a bag as easily as it can be attached to a belt, or hooked on to one of the D-rings on the C2023. In fact, you if you need to carry more gear than usual, you can hook two C100s to the C2023 for a large but very roomy, modular travel system.  

C100 is also available to buy for $26 direct from ddHiFi’s Aliexpress store, Linsoul, or Amazon.    

Closing thoughts

The audiophile accessory market is filling up with many different options for storing and presenting your gear at almost every price point, but still very few options are readily available for carrying your valuable gear safely on the go. 

In C2023 and C100, ddHiFi has created two such solutions which, depending on your needs, can even serve as all the storage you’ll need for your gear, whether you work from home or like to take your music with you on walks, hikes and trips. Both are sturdy, fashionable, and expertly made, with obvious attention to detail in both the finishing and design choices. 

Even if you’re not in the market for carrying your portable audio system around town, I’d still rec C2023, if not its smaller sibling, for carrying functional gear on walks and hikes, or even as a daily carry for wallets, phones and other everyday stuff.

It’s quickly become one of my favourite outdoor carry bags – and coming from someone like me with a serious (and somewhat embarrassing) bag fetish – that’s high paise indeed.  



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