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From time to time, The Headphone List will get a special exclusive discount for products we have reviewed and found to perform well.  These codes are intended to give our readers the best deals on some of our favorite products, and using these codes lets the manufacturers know our reviews make a difference.

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NarMoo Earphones

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Our review of NarMoo’s entry-level model, the R1M, can be found here: NarMoo R1M Review.

Perfect Seal Sportbud Silver canal size custom in-ear monitors

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Information on the Perfect Seal Sportbud Silver can be found in the Sonion 1723 AcuPass article

Effect Studio Thor Silver and Thor Copper upgrade cables

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Reviews can be found here:
Effect Studio Thor Silver IEM Upgrade cable review
Effect Studio Thor Copper and Thor Silver headphone cable reviews



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  1. alan on

    having been using pGES TO TRY AND GET REVIEWS ON ROCK IT R 50 M’s for my son as present. i couldnt go by without asking if u have any codes on this product. many thanks. alan

    • ljokerl on

      I’ve never seen a discount on a Rock-It product to be honest (barring used ones of course).

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