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Introduction –

MEE audio have received no shortage of acclaim, achieved mainly through their very affordable sports orientated in-ears and their flagship Pinnacle P1 that really shocked reviewers. The P1 was an ace example of a budget flagship done properly with gorgeous metal housings, class-leading ergonomics and a clear yet refined sound. However, even that model came with some caveats; namely, their heavy shells weren’t perfectly stable during activity and their high-impedance and brighter tuning really mitigated portable use. Moreover, their $200 asking price, while modest considering the product on offer, can still be considered inaccessible to a lot of buyers.

However, with such a winning formula, MEE audio didn’t reinvent but rather went back to the drawing board, redesigning a new model that seeks to address all of these aforementioned issues. The P2 is the second earphone in the Pinnacle line-up and one that seeks to achieve more widespread appeal through its very attainable $100 asking price, warmer tuning and higher sensitivity better suited towards smartphone use. However, with such changes, can the new P2 retain the refinement of the original P1 and does it earn its Pinnacle moniker? Let’s find out.



Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Mike from MEE audio very much for his quick communication and for providing me with the Pinnacle P2 for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the earphones free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.


Accessories –

The P2’s packaging presents well and MEE audio includes a thoughtful selection of accessories. The P2 comes packaged with an assortment of tips, 3 pairs of regular silicone tips, 3 pairs of dual flange tips and a single pair of medium Comply foams.

MEE audio also provide a ¼” adapter for use with a desktop amp in addition to a nice faux leather zippered hard case that finds a nice balance between protection and portability. A small shirt clip helps to keep the cable in check during portable use.

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Avid writer, passionate photographer and full-time student, Ryan's audio origins and enduring interests lie within all aspects of portable audio. An ongoing desire to bring quality audio to the regular reader underpins his reviewer ethos as he seeks to bring a new perspective on the cutting edge and budget dredge alike.


  1. Amin on

    Dear Mr. Ryan Soo,

    I am new to the world of high end in ear earphones. My first step into this league is with the MEE M6 Pro. As I am on a budget and I want to buy a new pair of earphones, could you kindly suggest me a pair under $100. It would be of great help to me.

    Thanks for all your help.

    • Ryan Soo on

      Hi Amin,

      Are there any features that you are looking for in particular? For example, how much isolation, comfort, type of sound? The P2 is quite a safe choice but it may not be the best one if you prefer more bass.


  2. Yannick Khong on

    P2 seems very seductive! How does the p2 compare to the SE215 special edition and oriveti basic? thx! 🙂

    • Ryan Soo on

      The BASIC is just as comfy and isolating with better cable and build. It has more sub-bass emphasis, more recessed midrange and darker tone with less aggressive treble. It is generally smoother throughout but also not quite as clear or detailed.

      I don’t think the Shure is a great choice for pure sound quality in 2017, but it still has a sound that is easy to enjoy. It isolates the most of the bunch and fit is super stable. It is L-shaped like the Basic but much warmer with regards to bass and lower mids. Upper mids are a bit wonky and treble is quite rolled off, it is quite a laid-back earphone compared to the P2.

  3. Xcrailer on

    Hey Ryan!

    How would you compare the Pinnacle P2 to the DUNU DN-2000?

    The dn-2000 have been my favorite IEM to date due to their excellent soundstage, resolution, micro detail and sparkly treble extension as well as sounding very natural with vocals.

    I use to get all my recommendations from Joker but he seems to be occupied with other things these days and I was curious on your take on this.

    I will be driving the headphone I choose with an iPhone 7 so there will be no amps involved.

  4. Carlos on

    Thank you for the reply! Very helpful. A little bright shouldn’t bother me, I have a pair of DT990s which i enjoy very much and people are always talking about how sharp the highs can be, but I haven’t noticed.

  5. Carlos on

    As someone who is making their first jump into high(er) end in ears, would you recommend this over the 1More Triple Driver? As in is the P2 the more capable in ear?

    • Ryan Soo on

      Hard to say, unfortunately, I haven’t heard the triple, only the quad driver. The P2 is certainly a very well done earphone, it is slightly brighter and more revealing than the Quad Driver and the Triple from what I’ve heard but may fatigue if that kind of sound isn’t for you. The P2 fits way better and isolates more making it a better choice for commute. The removable cable will also greatly aid longevity, it is definitely a feature to look out for longer-term investments. I would say that overall, the P2 is the most well-rounded earphone.

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