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Earphones Etymotic Research ER4S
By 24

Etymotic Research ER4S Review

Make no mistake – Etymotic’s flagship is still a top-tier IEM 15 years later. The fact that the ER4S costs $250 to some of the other flagships’ $400+ is a testament to its high value

Earphones Westone UM3X
By 47

Westone UM3X Review

Though extremely competent from a technical standpoint, the Westone UM3X has a peculiar way of presenting sound that won’t appeal to everyone.

Earphones Westone 3
By 5

Westone 3 Review

As is often the case with high-end in-ears, the Westone 3 is tailored to a specific listening preference with its powerful bass, clear and dry midrange, and shimmery treble.

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