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Church boy by day and audio-obsessee by night, Daniel S Lesmana’s life revolves around the rhythms and melodies we lovingly call: Music. When he’s not behind a console mixing monitor feeds for 15-piece bands, engineering recording sessions in a studio environment, or making noise behind a drum set, he’s most likely sitting in front of his laptop typing away about audio gear with fervor and glee. The Indonesia-native has made a name for himself in Singapore, where he’s known to most store employees as “the guy who tries everything, and buys nothing.” Now, with three years of experience under his belt, specializing in custom IEMs and full-sized headphones, he’s determined to try everything for the sake of his audience.


The Unique Melody Mason V3 is the product of hard-earned experience and intelligent innovation. Armed with new technologies all contributing to a precise, spacious and effortlessly-capable signature, this 16-BA flagship is as marvellously sophisticated as it is impressively coherent.

Cable Reviews

The PlusSound Exo Silver + Gold is excitement with refinement. Packed to the brim with dynamism, energy and – yet – finesse, the Silver + Gold boasts excellent sonics to match its latest innovations in ergonomics.

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