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Oriveti OD200 Review : Rise like a Phoenix

Oriveti, one of the rare brands I hadn’t worked with before are known for their high quality hybrid IEMs (Primacy, OH300 and OH500) was missing in action for a while. They had released a few BA based IEMs but they didn’t caught enough attention. I very recently found out that they had released a flagship, OV800 a while ago. Imagine how out of radar they were recently. That’s about to change now. They have recently launched a handful of IEMs. Their Flagship Hybrid will be reviewed soon but here I have their most expensive DD IEM. It’s not a flagship offering but a budget IEM that targets the most crowded and popular segment.

It comes in only one color, Army Green and is priced at $199. It has to face a lot of competition in this price range which is dominated by planar IEMs and is loaded with DD and hybrid IEMs. I will compare it with QoA Aviation, Sivga Nightingale and Hidizs MP145.

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Unlike most of the IEMs in this price we get a layered box where we find only the earpieces as we lift the cover off the upper chamber. The tuning filters are placed below the earpieces. All the accessories are placed in a drawer under it. On top we have a paper box that has the modular plugs and 9 pair of tips stuffed in foam. We get 3 pair of foam, 3 pair of smoke and 3 pair of white and black core tips. Under that we get the carry case and the cleaning tool and cable are placed inside it.

I like this case. It has plenty of space for the cable to be comfortable inside it. We can easily place an extra cable or whole bunch of tips inside it. It reads genuine leather but time will tell.


OD200 has one of the best build qualities under $200. Unlike most IEMs that use resin shells OD200 gets a CNC milled aluminum alloy shell with a more ergonomically comfortable semi-custom design. We get a matt finish on the body which provides excellent traction and grip while the fin delivers even more stability. This IEM not only feels sturdy in the hand, its super sturdy inside the ear too. The nozzle isn’t deep but doesn’t feel shallow either. Isolation is decent too. 

This IEM looks nice externally but the internal design is even more interesting. We get an interesting dual chamber design and both chambers are connected with by a bore and are interconnected through a duct.

In their words:

“The OD200 is a revolutionary IEM with industry-leading air control technology. It features a new patent-pending Dedicated Airflow Distribution (DAD) design based on years of experience designing dynamic driver earphones.  It provides an intense and enjoyable sound created by the most controlled airflow.”


In this competitive market IEM makers are shipping their IEMs with high quality cable but this 8 core modular cable is something special. Oriveti hasn’t mentioned the material used but its either OCC or SPC at best but this doesn’t matter much as this IEM sounds super impressive. Anyway, I like the way this cable behaves. It is one of the supplest and softest stock cables I have experienced. There is no memory issue or microphonics to worry about. The 2pin, Y splitter, cable slider and source connector’s jackets have brushed metal finish to them but are light weight and made out of plastic. Its cable guides too are less aggressive and do not exert much pressure on the ears, delivering a stress and worry free experience. I like the aesthetics too. It complements the mystery grayish green colors of the earpieces. The biggest USP of this cable are the modular plugs. All in all a high quality stock cable which sounds very good and is ready to be used with a variety of terminations.


This is interesting, we are not getting a multi driver setup or an IEM that has a high resistance but this IEM likes to be driven with some power. OD200 has 16 ohm resistance and 108db sensitivity, it should be easy to drive but it’s a bit complicated. It sounds excellent with powerful sources while weaker sources are unable to produce clean, well defined notes while powerful sources bring in better air, transparency and bigger stage. Are all dongles a bad pairing? Nope, the Questyle M15 and UA5 are very good but they are expensive but the cheaper one are a bit disappointing ever since I have used it with the Sound Blaster X5, it’s a bit difficult for me to appreciate the dongles as much. One can definitely pair it with dongles but be informed that this IEM can deliver more than dongles like Fosi DS1 and Shanling UA3 can get out of them.


I won’t deny that my expectations were different. I had heard a lot about the OH300’s bass and I was expecting some heavy pounding from this DD with decent clarity, warmer tonality and details. But this 9.8mm DD is nothing like that. Let’s take a look at the filters.

Filters: Initially I was a bit concerned. It was a bit aggressive and less cohesive and I thought “okay.. With burn-in it can soften up but this is not going to improve a lot.” I switched to the silver filters to check if that will bring calmness and it does. It was the black filter that was making the notes more energetic. My thoughts with the black filter wasn’t like “oh this is not going to work” but it was like “How will Oriveti appeal to the average consumer?” I am perfectly fine with a less bassy, treble forward IEM but then the lack of note height and energy with vocals was a bit of a concern for me too. This filter has clarity and transparency like a more expensive IEM (IE600) but an average consumer doesn’t enjoy this energetic presentation. Thankfully the silver filter rescued my wandering thought and I told myself, “Now this is an IEM with the right type of potential” Let’s start the burning.

Back to SQ: Doesn’t matter what filter we use this IEM doesn’t have highest quantity of bass. It’s not a bass head IEM but a bass friendly one. It’s for the balance seekers who enjoy details and clarity with a high quality bass. What we get is a more accuracy and detail oriented IEM. It has a lot of details and its accuracy is super impressive. For a guy who enjoys precision, this is super engaging. It’s a bit in the V with good amount of emphasis to vocals. We get very good bass response, one of the best instrument clarity without being thin or sharp. Tonality is neutral without any artificial ring but the timber is a bit on the crispier side.

I am using Hidizs DH80s and Creative Sound Blaster X5 for this review. I am using stock tips and silver nozzle on the IEM with more than 120hrs of burning.


OD200 isn’t a very fun sounding IEM but its bass is like WOW!! This IEM initially gave such a balanced vibe that I wasn’t expecting much body but it surprised me. We get one of the best Sub-bass extension while the rumble is high quality for the price. Mid bass is a bit fuller than the subs, delivering a full and aptly meaty body. It has an average area of impact which is tight and focused. It’s loaded with texture and details and it feels effortless without any sluggishness. We get heft with the notes and this weight and air make the experience super satisfying. We get well rounded hits that end with a softer finishing. Bass notes aren’t loose but they aren’t fast either. Decay is paced for a rumbly and a bit more lasting effect rather than for either accurate or boomy presentation. We get heavier precipitation that lets the notes gain heft but doesn’t make them loose definition or get muddy. How are the Dynamics? Dynamics are decent but there is a bit more after decay residue that stretches the upper bass notes, ending at a softer frequency. This slowness actually makes it more engaging as it brings in extra rumble and layers but yes, it loses a few points for technicality and accuracy.


Initially it felt like we have a bit of raw energy in the mid range but this got polished after burning. After around 120+ hrs we get one of the cleanest and refined presentations. Clarity is as good as some BA based IEMs. Yes, this is a W shaped IEM and the vocals have a bit less energy but the pop with vocals make them engaging. We get the right amount of body with both male and female vocals with required amount of sharp or blunt finishing. Male vocals are filled with very good texture, right amount of definition and details. Female vocals are leaner with sharper finishing definition. Tonality is a hair on the organic side while the timber is neutral giving it an aptly accurate yet cohesive output. While Listening to “Hozier – Wasteland” I realized OD200 has one of the most realistic and vivid presentation with life like decay which is excellent for the price.

Instruments around the vocals are a bit less sparkly but maintain very good transparency and clarity. If I have to nitpick, the region just after the vocals feel a bit clumsy and the notes in this region aren’t aptly tall but that’s okay as it fends off sharpness and spikes. Upper mid has very good clarity while staying clear of excess energy. Yes, the finishing is a bit on the precise side but nothing to be alerted.


There is something really interesting here. This treble range isn’t exactly forward but the clarity and details it delivers are excellent. Especially the finishing definition is high quality. Notes are tingly up top but isn’t thin at the base giving themselves a well weighted balance. We get superior clarity and transparency compare to similarity priced IEMs but this doesn’t result into thin or piercing notes. Treble extension is excellent with good amount of energy at the upper treble region. Lower and mid treble maintain the energy gained at the upper mids. OD200 has the energy which delivers lively, sparkly and agile notes which aren’t uncomfortable. Notes do not cross a comfortable range of energy. Instruments have excellent layering, separation and contrast of back and foreground acts. The way it creates an atmosphere with plenty of air where notes move freely without restricting each other is note worthy.


This is another discipline where OD200 pulls ahead of the competition. It’s not about the size (it’s bigger than average), it’s about the capabilities so forget about the size for a while. If the track has a well spread and surrounded instrument positioning this IEMs instrument placement is captivating. Thanks to its well developed Z axis we get instruments placed both on the back and in front of the head. They have presence under the chin and over the head too. Cue placements are accurate and definition is super clean with plenty of air. This stage is similarly wide and tall, giving it a nicely rounded shape. Bass notes hit inward, vocals mostly stay inside the head while treble and upper mid notes are projected around the head. The whole experience is more 3 dimensional than its contemporaries which is aided by excellent sonics, showing its technical abilities and imaging. Transient effects of instruments are superb with excellent sonics. All in all OD200 has superb imaging for a $200 IEM.

Feel free to have a look at my video review of SQ:


VS Sivga Nightingale VS QoA Aviation


I don’t mind calling this the best single DD IEM under $200. With the OD200 Oriveti rises like a phoenix, to the top. They had a couple of dull years but they are back with a banger of an IEM, that too at an excellent price point. It is the most complete IEM for those who enjoy good bass punch and high quality details and nearly the best IEM for everyone else. Don’t ask for a lot of bass body and warm instruments and this IEM will deliver sweet, accurate and precise notes. It’s highly technically capable with superb vocal accuracy. Beautiful imaging and sonics play a big part too and we get high quality build and set of accessories too. There is barely anything I can complain about. Highly recommended.



Suman Sourav Meher

Suman Sourav Meher

My humble audiophile journey started in 2010, when I was in college, where I fell in love with the elements, nuances, and variations of this mesmerizing world. The ability of tiny earphones to recreate amazing sounds made my bad days tolerable and good days better! Now I am a full-time audiophile with a preference for musical tracks, especially vocals and engaging ones. I must admit I am addicted, but not to drugs or alcohol, but to earphones. Come join me as I share my experiences, bad or good, and let’s have some fun!


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