Deal Alert: Apos Ensemble Now Available! Score a Deal on Bundled Orders


THL welcomes the Apos Ensemble, a new initiative that simplifies the buying process and gives customers savings on bundled orders. Each bundle includes a DAC, AMP and headphone curated by Apos’ audio team to play in harmony together. Furthermore, the pricing represents a good saving over purchasing each product separately.

At present, Apos are offering bundles with the immensely popular Topping 30-series and 90-series devices alongside the SMSL 200-series. Taking a look at the 30-series bundle to highlight the savings buyers can expect, Apos are offering the E30 DAC + L30 Amp with Dan Clark Audio’s renowned Aeon 2 Closed for just $1049.99 representing over a $100 USD discount.

You can view Apos Audio’s full Ensemble range here.


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