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LetShuoer EJ07M review : Legends are True!!

Shuoer makes some high quality IEMs. Most of us must have heard about their S12 and S12 pro which enjoyed a lot of demand and popularity last year but Shuoer has been making IEMs long before that.Their Tape and Tape Pro enjoyed decent popularity. Before that they launched a few higher quality, highly technically capable est based IEMs. Their EJ09 and EJ07 were critically acclaimed but it was the seven driver model that saw an refresh. EJ07M took Shuoer’s legacy of high quality IEMs forward. It houses one DD for bass, two BA for mids and the main USP of this IEM are the 4 est drivers responsible the highs. Priced at $649 this IEM comes in two colors, silver and black. The silver shell doesn’t look bad but this black IEM looks badass.

Yes, it’s not a new IEM, it’s around 2 years old but its still is an high quality IEM in its own. It has the drivers to speak for themselves. It’s tuned for details and the EST drivers make their presence felt. Does it still scales up to the new gen of IEMs? Let’s find out as I compare it with a handful of IEMs with various drivers.


This was a high profile IEM back in its time and ships with some high quality accessories out of the box. Take the upper paper box off and open the flap to discover the earpieces, set of tips and the carry case stuffed in foam. We get 3 pairs of white, grey and foam tips.

The cable is placed inside the metal carry case. I love this kind of metal cases with softer inlays. They are a bit heavy and maybe not be suitable to carrying them around in pant pockets but they will definitely save the IEM from damage. There is some literature and a cleaning cloth sums up the list of accessories.


In my opinion this is one of the best looking IEM around this price especially this black with carbon fiber design is a looker. Thanks to its metal jacket, it feels solid and very sturdy. We get a single vent to let the drivers breathe. Even with its high driver count EJ07M is compact in size and easy to fit in most of the ears. The nozzle could have been a bit longer but it’s manageable. I don’t mind the weight especially when it’s nicely handled by the ear tips and cable guides.

We do get slightly ergonomically contoured wing on the inner shell and along with the matte paint they provide decent traction inside the ear.


Cable isn’t the strongest point of this IEM but it gets the work done. We get a high purity OCC monocrystaline copper cable. It looks decent and compliments the earpieces. The good thing is the IEM sounds so good that one does not need to worry about changing the cable unless looking for smoother notes.

We do not get any type of stress reliving material on the cable but the cable in its own behaves nicely. There is no microphonics to worry about. Cable guides are very supple and soft. I definitely would have liked metal jackets on the 2pin and 4.4mm connectors just like the Y splitter but its okay I guess. We get a cable slider to gain better control. Overall this is a decent cable.


Pairing isn’t a huge issue with this IEM. I am able to get desired output even with the tiny TC44 PRO. There are barely any issues with either bass body, air, definition or extension. Yes, if you have a source with big stage, it definitely helps with air but feel free to use your balanced sources. No need to ditch your current dap or DAC/amp for this. Yes, if you went for the 3.5mm version, please do not use your mobile phones with this. EST drivers do not deliver much definition or separation when used with mobile phones.

If you want to neutralize the slightly extra energy, pairing EJ07M with a smoother or warmer source will do the job.


Powered by 7 drivers this still is a V or a more U shaped IEM. I love the way it manages to keep things clean and clear but why not have a more balanced presentation? I guess it’s okay given it’s technical capabilities this would have killed higher end IEMs if given more balance. Yes, this is a bit older IEM but I can see where all the love is coming from. It’s ability to separate individual notes and definition is superb for the price.

There is a slight big of metallic ring but if you see last that this is a fairly neutral and natural sounding IEM. There is something really interesting here. Bass and mid range are slightly warmer and fuller while the treble is a bit sharper and energetic side. I am not complaining but this makes this sound a bit less coherent.

I am using stock tips, cable and Fiio Q15 with Creative Sound Blaster X5 as source for this review.


This 10mm dynamic driver is very good. It doesn’t have a big body but has very good depth and rumble. Sub bass is well extended, yes the rumble could have been a bit more voluminous but that’s okay. I thinks its tuned for better control than for musicality. Mid bass notes are fuller with very good body, nice punch and slam. It’s slightly on the more focused side. The area of impact isn’t big but has good weight behind the notes. I like this kind of decay. It’s not loose or tight, just right but on the very technically capable side, this driver doesn’t have much control over the dynamics. It’s decent but the upper bass notes aren’t that clean. We get decent texture and well layered notes but they aren’t as apparent as a bassy IEM like OH700VB. It’s not as rumbly or full bodied but it’s not missing anything either.

EJ07M shows very good control, I just wish it had a bit more cleaner upper bass notes.


EJ07M has an interesting mid range. I wasn’t expecting BA drivers to be calmer like this. Its U shaped tuning can be looked at with two points of views. It lacks a bit of energy and height which can make the IEM feel a bit less balanced but if we look past that it’s clean and transparent with very good definition and clarity. It’s superb for detail seekers and isn’t sharp either and I have to say “it’s tuned just right”. Vocals have very good finishing definition but I definitely would have liked a bit tighter and taller notes. There is no aggression, in fact both male and female vocals sound smooth and slightly warmer and are on the analogue side, this is rare especially when coming from BA drivers. Male vocals are throaty and grunty while female vocals could have been slightly tighter and precise. The amount of texture we get is surprisingly high though. We get decent texture and tonality with instruments while the timber is a bit on the brighter side of neutral. There is no tinny feeling but might feel a bit metallic and the faster decay can make it sound a bit dry. There is a bit more energy in the upper mids enhancing the clarity and details which is great but can be fatiguing with rock and metal.


Treble is one the best one can get under $700 considering the Custom Art Hybrid 3 pro a bit more expensive than this and you like details, engaging presentation and clarity. These two can fight it out for the top spot but guess what.. EJ07M has a bit more bias with more space and room for treble where it takes a bigger share of the stage. It’s slightly more sparkly with taller notes giving it a more transparent and clear feel. We get very good energy with a slightly relaxed upper treble than the more forward lower and mid treble range. We get high quality definition with plenty of air between instruments. Extension is as good as it can get. Layering and separation are some of the best with one of the best instrument placements. Contrast of back and foreground instruments are one of the best. These notes can feel like hanging or floating and super agile, this is very good too but I was expecting a bit more weight and grounded notes.


Stage is one of the strongest points of this IEM. It has one of the most well developed 3D stage with a wider, tall and nicely deep head room. One of my friend said it’s an atmosphere creator and he isn’t wrong. It’s contrast of back and foreground instruments are excellent. One can easily tell the origin points without many issues. Instruments move freely, exhibiting high quality sonic experience. Yes, they lack subtlety but that’s okay. 

Thanks to EJ07M’s precision oriented tuning, imaging and cue placements are super accurate. No instrument falls into another and the cleanliness is just fantastic. Most of the bass and vocal notes are placed inside the head while most of the upper mid and treble instruments find themselves out of the head.


Effect Audio Code 24C:

This is an interesting cable. It is a limited edition cable with inspiration from the Code 23, the 24C is a superior cable when it comes to resolution and definition. 24C has a lot to offer but the biggest thing is the poise and control over treble notes of this rapid and sharp sounding EJ07M is noteworthy. Another unmissable improvement is stage expansion. It’s huge now. Super big with whole lotta air between instruments and exceptional sonics.

If we do general SQ the bass is heavier and bigger, a bit more sub-bass presence with slightly slower decay. Mid range gains a bit more height, vocals have extra texture, slightly taller, more accurate timber and definition while the treble is less agitated and sharp. It’s still is super clean but isn’t as lean or forward, that’s a relief for most.


VS Kinera URD:

VS Oriverti OH700VB


There is no denying that this is an excellent IEM. Its sonics and details are excellent. It has one of the most capable imaging and treble definition. Mid range has the poise and lovely texture. It’s an excellent IEM for details too. But there is no denying that it comes down to preference, if you don’t want energetic instruments and like a mellow sounding IEM, EJ07M might not be the IEM you need to consider and I suggest pairing this beauty with warm and thick sounding sources to counter the energy. If you have a neutral or bright and clarity oriented source, EJ07M can kill the cat if you can’t handle energy and sparkle. It still is nowhere close to the treble energy of S12 pro and if you want to upgrade from the S12 pro you should definitely go for the EJ07M. This is not an IEM for everyone though.



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