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Miter DAP & Earphone Cases Reviews

Pros –

Solid build quality, Hard wearing material choice, Modular dividers, Soft non-scratch interior, Custom debossing

Cons –

Large dimensions, Large case doesn’t come with a middle divider

Verdict –

Miter has created a great accessory to keep your collection of premium IEMs and DAPs safe and organised at reasonable expense.

Introduction –

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed one of Joey’s products from Miter, Korea. I recall fondly their DAP cases that struck as a great balance between affordability and BOM, they handled well and offered a trick kickstand that was brilliant for desk use. The company has returned with a new range of products, this time extending beyond just DAP cases. They’ve introduced two new DAP/IEM cases that look like a smart way to keep your collection organised or to protect your setup when on the go. The larger of the two houses 3 DAPs, 6 earphones or a combination while the smaller case stores 2 earphones and one DAP. Both cases have a magnetic kickstand in-built to prop up the player for ease of use.

The small size case is available for $59.90 USD while the larger case foes for $79.00 USD at the time of writing. You can read more about their functionality and treat yourself to one on Amazon (affiliate).

Unboxing –

It should be noted as well that the cases both come in lovely card boxes that provide a premium experience. The cases are well protected and arrive unscathed. I was also pleased to find a few accessories within each case. The larger case includes two leather button-clasp cable wraps while the smaller case comes with a Miter elastic band and small fabric pouch. This is a smart addition, you can use this for metal shell IEMs to prevent scratches for instance, or to hold smaller accessories such as ear tips. The elastic can be used to stack a phone and DAC/AMP, all handy additions of impressive quality.  

Small Case

The smaller case has two compartments and two dividers, able to hold 2 IEMs or 1 DAP on either side. Both cases uphold a similar robust construction that feels very protective and provides an excellent in-hand feel. The outer material is of Italian synthetic leather and feels hard-wearing but with a slight padding that should offer good shock resistance.

The walls are thick, their interior is covered by soft, non-scratch suede and the base is made from a furrier material that provides traction for Velcro dividing cushions on either side. Upon opening the case, the user is greeted by two halves; the right is intended for DAPs with its magnetic integrated kickstand, the left side is intended for the user’s IEMs. However, the divider can be removed to store two DAPs should you choose.

Similarly, the divider in the DAP tray can be moved to provide a snugger fit/storage for additional IEMs or removed entirely for longer players. The kickstand has only one setting but depending on placement of the Velcro divider, you can change the prop up angle. The IEM side has a hinged lid while the DAP side has a removable lid handy for thicker devices. I will also mention that Miter’s experience making cases is showcased here through the general haptics during daily use.

For instance, the case closes with a hefty thump and magnetically secures into place to protect its contents. The hinge has zero wobble, and its double-layer design means the two sides always close perfectly flush. Joey was also kind enough to deboss my website logo onto the front. This is a fun addition for those wanting to add a personal touch to their case and differentiate it from others.

Large Case

The larger case offers storage for 3 DAPs or 6 IEMs, potentially up to a dozen if you have smaller earphones that levae ample vertical space to stack. The construction is similar to the smaller case with similarly thick, slightly padded side walls giving it a rigid feel free of wobble or weakness of any kind. It has a similar synthetic fabric outer with clean stitching around the perimeter providing a charming hand-made impression. This is reinforced by a small leather Miter classic logo stitched onto the top.

Similarly, the top flap is secured magnetically and once opened, a padded removable lid inside snugly secures the contents, providing two layers of protection here. Once again, the user is greeted by a soft interior that gave me peace of mind even for storing my most expensive IEMs. Though here, all walls are covered in furry material able to interface with Velcro. This is because the large case has a fully customisable layout with no set walls inside. You get two long dividers and two short ones. Out of the box it is configured with 5 compartments, 4 squares for IEMs and a longer central compartment for a DAP.

The dividers are flexible to a degree and only have Velcro on the sides, so they are able to be compressed slightly for wider DAPs such as the SE200 pictured here. Similarly, they can be placed at an angle to maximise space. I would personally have liked to see an additional short divider included for those intending to use this purely for IEMs. The centre also contains a kickstand and once again, it is very slim once folded down, with minimal impact on storage capacity. You can place IEMs over it with no issue.

Offset kickstand and small divider with Velcro ends

Perhaps the kickstand could have been placed in the middle with ridges to secure the DAP at the front. This would have permit it to function as the additional divider to hold 6 IEMs. However, as it is offset, there is insufficient space below it to coil another earphone once propped up. Otherwise, there is little to complain about with regards to the quality of the case here. It is immensely good and feels very well thought out and put together. Most importantly, I would personally be happy to receive this as a paying customer.  

Verdict –

There have been a few attempts at creating a convincing earphone/DAP case starting from the original Van Nuys models. I can also vouch for the quality of Van Nuys products, but these are highly price prohibitive. This is especially so if there are no distributors in your region, making them a purely luxury purchase. For those wanting something more functional, I was then quite impressed by the DD HiFi cases that weren’t as nice in terms of build with their soft fabric construction but offered heaps of small pockets for accessories. Still, whilst they were handy in this regard, storage options for IEMs remained limited on both their smaller and larger model. The Miter cases bridge the price, function and luxury gap between the two whilst retaining the company’s signature slimline kickstand implementation. The quality is far more comparable to products from pricier brands in terms of feel and solidity. They aren’t the most compact cases considering their storage capacity but are very protective and deliver a premium look and feel with a modular layout that makes them especially flexible for individual uses and preferences. This is a great accessory to have to keep your collection of premium IEMs and DAPs safe and organised at reasonable expense.

Miter’s small size case is available for $59.90 USD and the larger case is available for $79.00 USD on Amazon (international). Please see my affiliate link for the most updated pricing, availability and configurations.



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