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PW Audio Metropolis Ft.60s Review : Make your IEMs sing

When we look at a thing, we might think it as a unit but when we get deeper into it we find it’s a bunch of things, not just a single unit and has a lot of variables at play. Just take a car or any machine for an example.

Our IEMs even though look like a single unit, they are more than what we see when we see them in depth. Just like quality fuel and oil aren’t enough to put a car in the best or more desirable category an IEM just is not about tips or sources. To get more out of a car we need a turbo. Think of these cables turbos. They definitely can be fancy and just like aftermarket turbos aren’t for everyone and this cable I have here with me isn’t something we hear a lot about either.

Metropolis ft.60s from PW Audio is one of those cables that cost as much as a yesteryear’s flagship. At $1899 it uses 26awg Silver and gold stands in its core. We are looking at a cable worthy of today’s flagships that can cost $3000 and up. If your budget permits and even if you do not have a proper flagship, can this cable delivers flagship level performance?

Let’s find out what’s going on. Especially when you are paying this much for a cable.

I will like to thank Crystal from for this unit.

You can get one for yourself from here:


I received the cable in a single block machine cut metal Carry case feels like it’s made with the same material used for the 4.4mm jacket and Y splitter. A retail unit might carry some documentation. That’s it.


First thing first, I appreciate the cloth shielding on this cable. It’s something that might not look aesthetically pleasing but is much more practical and will keep the cores safe from harm. This is an extremely expensive cable nevertheless and this is the least they could have done. This does make the cable less supple and a bit unruly. I do not find this bouncy but it has a bit of microphonics.

The parts used are of high quality too. They are a bit on the heavier side but look and feel is solid and study. Single block of metals are used for all the parts. I definitely would have liked a smaller Y splitter and jack. The cable guides are a bit on the thicker side and can make the heft felt after while but isn’t bothering for 3-4hrs listening sessions.

Does this look like an $1899 cable? maybe, but definitely feel and sound like one.


Why will you buy a cable of this calibre? Having a flagship IEM is a must and you need to take it to a level where it’s nearly untouchable by competition.

So what really does this cable has on offer? The biggest thing I experienced is the ability to tidy up the IEM. If the IEM is a bit too smooth or slow this cable brings better definition, extra agility and air between instruments. If the IEM is a bit agitated, this cable brings in better stability by providing better space between notes. This leads the notes to express them without feeling limited to a small space.

Keep no doubts, this us not a balanced or agility oriented cable. It will not deliver higher transparency or better resolution. What this cable does is enhance the musical quotient. Unlike some cables that respond to the IEM, this cable makes the IEM follow its commands. This is a definitive factor to keep in mind.

Do we get more bass?

The short answer is yes. We get much better definition, a bit more rumble, weight and much better layering compared to the stock cable of Mest mk2. This cable definitely helps the IEM gain more body. Unlike the Cleo 2 octa, Metropolis ft.60s doesn’t have super fast decay speed, letting the notes acquire a bit of heft and body. I am happy with the dynamics though, it doesn’t sound soft or compromise upper bass notes.

What about the mids?

This is a slightly W shaped cable and this reflects on the IEMs. When I paired it with the Axiom I was surprised by the quality of balance I was able extract between smoothness and clarity. Yes, the instruments around the vocals are a bit less energetic but we definitely get much better air in between and the exceptional texture. Vocals too enjoy superb texture and timber. I admire the accuracy. The level of regiment is superb with both male and female vocals.

How are the highs?

As mentioned earlier, this cable provides better definition to smoother IEMs and that’s evident with Axiom and Fibae 4, it already has excellent extension but lacked a bit of transparency and energy which is rescued by this cable. We get a lively and agile treble range with some of the best air between instruments.

Layering and separation are in a level of their own. Cue placements are super accurate thanks to the huge stage. It’s much easier to spot the micro details we usually do not get mostly because of the IEMs unnaturally higher decay speed, lack of space and definition.


Effect Audio Axiom:

Axiom is one of those IEMs that easily changes with the cable and this cable incidentally doesn’t tamper with the natural signature of it. Both are W shaped so the pairing isn’t the best but there are  a lot of positives.

We get a bit more lower end weight, a lot more definition and extra rumble. Do we get good dynamics? The axiom is one of the most dynamically capable IEM and we get nothing less than spectacular dynamics. It’s much than a lot of flagships like Vision Ears VE8 and U18S. 

I like the fact that this cable helps with a bit more bass body and texture but doesn’t make it loose it’s control.

Mids are a bit less desirable from a reviewer’s perspective as the instruments around the vocals are less forward and there isn’t equally impressive level of definition. This is perfectly fine for a not so analytical listener and the extra oomph with the vocals provides a different kind of charm. We get exceptional resolution, timber, texture and definition with both male and female vocals. Notes still aren’t in the same energy level as the bass and highs but it’s decent.

Treble is not the weak point of this IEM but this cable makes it better. The biggest plus is the huge stage that let’s in a lot of air between instruments which results in much better layering and separation.

Mest MK2:

Mest mk2 is an excellent IEM but has its own flaws and this cable helps it a lot.

The subs gain a bit more rumble, extension gets better. The stage improves a lot and the sonics too. Vocals are more accurate and has much better texture and timber. Instruments around the vocals are still a bit on the less energetic side but they gain much better clarity and definition. Treble gains a bit more sparkle and delivers a grand experience.

This pairing sounds on par with modern day flagships like Kublai Khan and Tia Fourte. Superb coherency.


VS Effect Audio Cadmus Founder’s Edition:

What’s special about this cable? It’s much cheaper, looks better, has more versatile connectivity options thanks to Con-X and Term-X connectors. Aside from that it has 6 cores of SPC and 2 cores made out of gold plated copper.

Keep no doubts, this is an impressive cable too but is tuned for transparency and precision. While the Metropolis ft.60s likes to deliver more definition delivering better texture and timber. Cadmus FE is mid forward and this gives it a better hand at Sonics too. Treble region is agile and sparkly but is a bit less energetic and takes the back seat while the mid range is in the driver seat.

This cable does tighten the lows a bit. It’s slightly faster, has very good body, rumble and thump. Ft.60s is warmer, fuller, has better definition and texture on each note. Both are very good when it comes to stage but ft.60s is nearly 20-25% larger. Cadmus FE feels a bit less tall in the treble region while the ft.60s has similar situation with the instruments around the vocals.

VS Cleopatra II Octa:

This is a mighty cable in its own. Uses pure silver cores and it tells. The level of details it extracts is better than 1960s. It has better transparency. Lows are less emphasized and, mid range instruments are a bit more energetic and vocals are tighter. Treble is similar when it comes to definition details but Cleo 2 octa has a bit more attack.

1960s has a bit better definition and space between instruments across the spectrum. Its lows are a bit fuller and slightly W shaped in the mids.

Both are excellent with stage expansion and equally impressive with imaging. Sonics are a bit more vivid with the Cleo 2. Back and fore ground contrast is marginally better too. Opt for Cleo 2 octa for details and ft.60s SE for a more cohesive and full bodied presentation.


Did you read the intro? This is an expensive cable and is one of the most expensive I have ever used and the quality stands out of the crowd. The SQ improvements are commendable. It doesn’t add more resolution but gives you better definition. Think of it as zooming into a picture. The IEM already has the resolution but you get larger pixels, cleaner lenses so the imaging is lot more cleaner with superior contrast and definition. But for this, you need top quality resolution first and even though this cable can be used with cheaper IEMs (I used it with Custom Art Hybrid 3 pro and QoA Margarita) and extract a lot out of them, Metropolis ft.60s works wonders when paired with highly capable IEMs and flagships like Vision Ears Phoenix, 64audio Fourte or IEMs of this caliber. It will take these flagships to a level of their own.

The only thing I am not happy with (except the asking price) is even though the build and part quality is definitely superior to most brands, it doesn’t look much intriguing, a personal opinion obviously but I think looks can be a bit more appealing.

Thanks for reading guys. Enjoy!!



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