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The Fearful Rumble of War Drums – A Review of the Campfire Audio Dorado

Campfire Audio provided Dorado free of charge in exchange for my honest review, for good or ill.

Dorado sells for $999.00 MSRP

Righty’O. Here we are again, with the other IEM Campfire sent me. This is the one I was most interested in. The one I asked for. I only reviewed Jupiter because that sneaky slag JD talked me into it. And goddamn, Pinky is glad he did. Jupiter is great. You can read the evidence of this in my write-up.

Dorado is a very different monster. First off, it’s a hybrid, so it incorporates both Dynamic Drivers and Balanced Armatures. In this case, the DD is used for not only the low-end, but also the mids. Treble is handled by the same dual BA setup as Jupiter, that TAEC thing… Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber.

I also really like the form factor. Dorado fits me better than any other IEM I’ve tried. Smooth, liquid metal construction, long nozzle for deep insertion, Dorado simply feels great in-ear.

Jupiter came with a handsome brown leather carry case. Dorado goes for a sexy black. They are finely made, hardened, and protect the IEMs well.

Campfire Audio gives you many tips with the accessories, but as always, I find the best sound and fit for my ears are my trusty JVC Spiral Dots, size Medium. Your experience may vary. It’s a good habit to keep a wide variety of tips on-hand and see what works best. There is no wrong solution, so long as it gives you a solid seal and feels comfortable.

The cable is one of my favorites. It’s light, thin, and supple, and made of SPC Litz. An upgrade by any normal standard. This is just ALO showing off. They make some outstanding cables.



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  1. I have not heard the A83. Or in fact any of the Fidue line. I could not say for sure if Dorado is near the same signature.

  2. Great review man. By the way, I’ve been using the fidue a83 as my daily driver now for almost 3 years. Love the sound signature from the fidue, details are there but doesn’t sacrifice the bass. Would the Campfire Dorado be somewhat of an upgrade from the fidue or something else?

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