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The Glistening of Morning Dew – A Review of the SendyAudio Aiva

MusicTeck provided Aiva free of charge for the purpose of my honest review, for good or ill.

Aiva sells for $599.
SendyAudio on Amazon

When sweet man Andrew of MusicTeck asked about reviewing the SendyAudio Aiva Black Beauty series headphone, I had to look it up first. This is a product and a company I had never heard of. Yet when my eyes beheld her beauty from one of the promotional images online, I knew I wanted her. That might not be the sentiment of a proper audiophile, but what can I say… Aiva is that gorgeous.

It’s no wonder the final product looks this good. SendyAudio takes the handcrafted, labor-intensive, quality material approach to manufacturing, and they take it seriously. I can’t find any plastics here, just leather, metal, and wood, and some sort of a hybrid earpad. At a weight of 420g, everything feels tight and well-built. There’s no squeaks or rattles. The pads and headband are incredibly soft and comfortable. In terms of build quality, it’s f**king perfect.

Aiva Black Beauty is a planar magnetic set of over-ear headphones, utilizing a 97x76mm ultra-nano composite diaphragm. The frequency range starts at a super-low 5hz, and rises all the way to 55Khz. With a sensitivity of 96dB and 32Ω impedance, she’s not terribly difficult to drive, although she’s not exactly easy. These headphones are obviously made for a desktop amp, or at the very least, a powerful mobile device. I assume it’s open-back design. It certainly looks and sounds that way. But I wouldn’t be shocked to find Aiva classified as semi-open, either. None of the promotional materials I’ve read say one way or another.

Included is a hard-shell leather protective carry case. It’s relatively small, as these things go, and, like the headphones themselves, well-made. My sister proclaimed it the Ass Case, and I suspect you understand why. Indeed, there is an unfortunate posterior resemblance. Must they follow the contours on the outside as well? Oh well.

I am awfully pleased with the cable. It’s rare to see a naked braided cable from the headphone manufacturer. And even rarer when that cable is terminated for 4.4mm TRRRS balanced. It comes with an adapter which turns it into 3.5mm TRS single-ended. Personally, I wish it was setup as 2.5mm TRRS, as I have adapters for 2.5mm-to-4.4mm, but nothing that goes 4.4mm-to-2.5mm. The stock cable is a pretty standard 6N Oxygen-free-Copper. Then there is a $250 upgrade cable called Asura, using 7N OCC copper conductors.



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