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Tri i3 pro review : Easy to recommend


Tri audio is an extension of KBear but unlike the parent brand Tri brings more innovative and expensive IEMs with various setups and configurations. They start as low as $70 for the i4 and go as high as $800 for the Starlight.

What I have here is revision to one of their most popular models i3. The outgoing model has the same driver configuration as the successor but this time around the shell is petite and is more rigid. The price is only $20 more at $189 and the same chrome finish on the shell lives on.

No doubt this IEM looks exceptionally good. But does it sound equally impressive? Let’s find out. I will compare it with the Senfer MT300 and a Fiio FD3 for more contexts.

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The i3 pro comes in a black box with some futuristic designs on the box. It looks cool but the unboxing experience is fairly simple. The first thing that greets us is the earpieces stuffed in the foam and the faux leather carry case. Every other accessory is inside the case including the cable. There is 7 extra pair of tips, a cleaning cloth, and a cleaning tool. An instruction manual can be found at the bottom and it concludes the list of stuff out of the box.


i3 pro ships with a very good looking brown colored cable and strangely this cable feels better to the hand than the BGVP DM8 cable. I like the cable more than any other in this price. This 8 core 5N OFC cable is not stiff or unreasonably supple. It has barely nay micro phonics to worry about.
There is barely any stress relievers on the cable but this cable is strong enough and should hold strong against minor stress. The cable splitter is small in size while the chin slider is easy to work with. Chrome plating across the connectors give this IEM a more premium look.


These IEMs have a very similar design to the OG i3. i3 pro has the exact type of housing made out of slightly better quality 7050 series of aviation aluminum. The pr version has 26% less volume as the OG providing equally impressive strength, stability and better comfort inside the ear. The nozzle size is not wide and aptly long which helps with a more comfortable and secure feel. It can fit anything between T500 and T400 sized tips. The set of tips it ships with are comfortable and stable inside the ear. There is a series of pressure releasing vent on the side of the body.

I3 pro is not a very ergonomically designed IEM but still has a bit of wing like structure which helps with a bit of traction inside the ear. Best thing are the rounded edges which cause no problem while moving the IEM inside the ear. The biggest positive is the shape and weight, i3 pro’s weight distribution is very good and the IEM doesn’t tend to slip out of the ear.

PTO for sound quality and and comparisons.



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