BGVP ArtMagic VG4 Earphone Review


Smooth yet detailed

8.7 Perfect for those who like it Gentle

Priced at $229, the VG4 dwells at the lower end of ArtMagic lineup from BGVP and delivers a detailed yes smooth notes. It trades some bite and attack for a more musical approach.
If you like the control and precision of BA earphones but don't want it to sound very serious, the VG4 is for you.

  • Sound Quality 8.1
  • Matching with sources 9.2
  • Feel inside the ear 8.7
  • Build quality 8.8
  • User Ratings (23 Votes) 7.2

 The Chi-fi audio industry has been booming exponentially. There are a lot of brands who have penetrated the international market with some of the best bang for buck earphones. One of the most successful brands in reaching outer markets from the main land China is BGVP.

 BGVP caught everyone’s attention with their bass heavy hybrid earphones. Then consolidated with their BA based earphones. Their DM6 with its 5BA drivers caught every audiophile’s attention with fantastic balance and details with a fantastic value for money prospect. And the successor to the DM6 the DM7 (6BA drivers) have been one of most successful earphones in its price range.

 BGVP just introduced a new lineup named “Art Magic” and the VG4 is the entry level earphone in this lineup priced at $229, it house 4BA drivers on each side. Two Knowles and two Sonion BA drivers are in charge here and it comes in 4 colors, transparent black, transparent clear, red and black and none.

 The VG4 faces competition from the ever growing sub $300 earphone market. I am comparing it with a handful of earphones in this price range.

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 The unboxing experience is considerably better than Shozy BG5 and TSMR 2 which lacks any imagination and stuffed all the accessories in one carry case. The VG4 has things placed strategically. Upon opening the box we are greeted by earpieces along with 7 pairs of ear tips. A warranty cum greeting card placed over the carry case.

The VG4 comes with adequate amount of accessories. 7 pairs of tips are stuffed in the foam which carries the earpieces. In the lot of 7 pairs to tips there are separate sets of Vocal and balanced tips in 3 different sizes and one pair of foam tip in medium size. The cable along with the cable tie and 3 pairs of wide bore tips is placed inside the carry case.

 The VG4 ships with 10 pairs of tips in total which is more than enough.


 Unlike most of the earphones in this price bracket the VG4 shell is 3D printed with skin friendly acrylic fiber material.

 The shell is totally made out of resin and is aptly strong to take a couple of hits. Unless excessive force is applied the VG4 will not crack or break, the back plate in nicely fused into the body. The dual bore nozzle is neither very deep nor shallow and feels very comfortable with stock wide bore tips.

 Thanks to the resin the VG4 is not heavy and feels light inside the ear. The switches are nicely fused into the body and the feedback from the switches is better than TSMR 2.


 BGVP has been shipping their earphones with better than standard cables, the VG4 is no exception. The stock cable is an 8 core braided cable with 6N high purity copper and silver strands. This cable has better signal transmission and reduces distortion compared to copper cables.

 It is one of the most comfortable and well behaved cables in this price range. Earphones like TSMR 3 and 4 ship with below par stock cables. The VG4 cable on the other hand is a considerably of premium quality. It nicely compliments the VG4 aesthetically.

 The cable guides are very supple, holds the ear nicely and don’t exert much pressure on the ear. The cable splitter has a very low profile. The cable slider or chin slider is neither very loose nor very tight and slides smoothly on the cable. The straight 3.5mm is very light and feels solid to the hand.

 The cores are very supple with little to no memory to them. The braiding is not tight and has fairly low amount of microphonics to it.


 A handful of earphones in this price range don’t have any wing or ergonomical wings to hold the earphones, but the VG4 has a semi custom shell with a tiny wing in the inner side to have better grip inside the ear.

 The 3D printed semi custom resin shell makes the VG4 one of the most comfortable earphones in this price range. The shell size is slightly on the larger side, if you do not have small ears the VG4 will fit nicely. Ergonomically it is one of the most comfortable earphones in this price bracket.

 The nozzle could have been a bit longer and if not longer a bit thinner to accommodate more variety of tips but still then it has good amount of grip inside the ear.

 The isolation of the VG4 is just above average. It doesn’t block out a lot but it isolates most of the noise.

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