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Effect Audio x Music Sanctuary Eos – Enter the Dragon

Effect Audio is a boutique cable manufacturer based in Singapore. Founded in 2009 by Zou Suyang, Effect Audio has since matured into a premier organisation widely recognised for their astounding aesthetics, excellent ergonomics and stellar sound. Throughout the years, the company has developed a wide array of products, ranging from the entry-level Ares II to their statement-piece flagship; the Horus. Alongside their globally-available products, Effect Audio also collaborate with retailers to produce region-specific cables in limited runs. The Eos is a product they’ve developed with Music Sanctuary; Singapore’s top specialist in custom IEMs and upgrade cables. Enhancing the Ares II with all-Japanese materials – including a platinum-based solder and ultra-conductive Furutech connectors – Eos is the evolution of a widely-acclaimed product, redefining what cables are capable of at the entry level.

Effect Audio x Music Sanctuary Eos

  • Wire composition: 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper
  • Default configuration: 4-wire round braid
  • Key feature(s) (if any): UltraFlexi insulation; bespoke production materials
  • Price: S$299
  • Website:;

Build and Accessories

The Eos comes packed in a cube-shaped box, decorated with black-and-white Effect Audio branding. The interior of the box is heavily-padded for safe transport, save for a circular cut-out in the centre where the cable itself resides. All in all, the Eos’s packaging is the epitome of no-frills; free of any accessories, brochures, soft pouches, etc. It sports commendable security and functionality, even if it lacks the theatrics of Effect Audio’s costlier offerings.

But, as we’ve come to expect from Effect Audio, the cable itself is built exquisitely. The Eos’s four wires are braided excellently to form tight, uniform bundles throughout the entire cable. And, their UltraFlexi technology embellishes the Eos’s insulation with glass-like transparency. As a result, the copper wires that run throughout gleam amorously; exuding luxuriousness and glam. UltraFlexi also provides the company’s class-leading ergonomics. In terms of smoothness, suppleness and weight, Effect Audio’s offerings are consistently top-shelf; Eos included. Finally, the wires are accented with Effect Audio’s signature metallic ornaments and Furutech’s carbon-weaved 3.5mm plug. The carbon fibre Y-split and the connectors at both ends are machined impeccably; further adding to the cable’s allure.

However, there is a particular point of error in my Eos’s build, and it pertains to the 2-pin connectors. Although they are on-par cosmetically with the rest of the cable, the adhesive bonding the metallic sleeve to the black plastic is terribly weak. The snug fit does keep the sleeve in place during normal use, but it will come off during cable swaps. Though – to Effect Audio’s credit – Eric (their marketing manager) informed me that the issue is only present in their most recent batch of 2-pin connectors, and they’re willing to fix mine free-of-charge. I’m glad to see Effect Audio taking responsibility for their hiccups, and I hope to see this level of accountability maintained for future customers as well.



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