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Eletech Aeneid Review – Unmatched

Pros –

Market-leading build and artisan design, Ultra-soft insulation, Super snappy bass, Highly refined yet resolving treble, Immersive imaging, Voicing results in versatile synergy

Cons –

Layers aren’t especially well delineated, Not the largest tonal shift for those wanting such

Verdict –

If you have the luxury of purchasing this cable, expect unmatched opulence and a listening experience accomplished in equal measure.  

Introduction –

Eletech has made huge strides in just a short time due to the years of experience carried by their friendly staff, gained from at other leading cable companies. Their product line-up is split into three; the entry-level Virtues series, the reference-grade School of Athens series and the flagship Parnassus series. The Iliad formerly held the position as their lone flagship and has grown to become a well-regarded model. Building atop its success, the Aeneid offers a further refinement of the Eletech flagship experience as their new highest-end model. To ensure it is an all-out upgrade, the team has maximised all aspects of its design, meaning there will be no upgrades in future (ie. 8-wire variant). It sports gold-plated silver conductors and a large gauge wire design that has permit twice the conductors of a regular 26AWG cable.

The Aeneid starts from $2399 USD with pricing depending on termination. You can configure one to your preferences on Eletech’s website.

Disclaimer –

I would like to thank Eric from Eletech very much for his quick communication and for providing me with the Aeneid for the purpose of review. All words are my own and there is no monetary incentive for a positive review. Despite receiving the cable free of cost, I will attempt to be as objective as possible in my evaluation.

Contents –

Behind the Design –

Custom Conductors

The company spent months prototyping configurations to achieve their desired combination of musicality and technicality alongside optimising versatile pairing. They arrived on a 2-type gold-alloy coating; a combination of audiophile-grade gold compound combined with jewellery-grade gold. This alloy was then plated onto an avant-garde silver Litz configuration to opitmise conductivity. The company has addressed every other element of the conducting path too, using Eletech bespoke solder alongside bespoke connectors. Eletech reason this results in a complete profile of maxed out GPS configuration previously unheard of in the industry.

Maximus Efficiency Strand Geometry

Image provided by Eletech

Furthermore, the company maximised the efficiency of the cable’s geometry, assuming a more capable 24AWG jacket with twice the conductors of a 26AWG model. Their maximus efficiency geometry entails the use of multiple strand sizes that cater specifically towards different frequency ranges adopting a hybrid Type-4 Litz geometry. This innovation also allows Eletech to fill dead space within the cable using smaller wires, thereby, increasing the density and maximising the conductivity of the cable whilst retaining an elegant and practical form factor.

Design & Form

Image provided by Eletech

Tactility, luxury and flawless aesthetic design have always been of equally high priority to Eletech and this has been exemplified here. Eric spent months designing and redesigning the Aeneid, and it has been a pleasure seeing his work come together. The company overhauled every aspect of the experience, starting at the unboxing and accessory set. Though their former designs are hard to top, Eletech have done just that with their final cable design that draws inspiration from a timeless Roman Colosseum aesthetic. Topped with their signature FlexiMax insulation, the Aeneid promises to be as ergonomic as it is beautiful.

Unboxing –

Eric tells me Eletech has been wanting to overhaul their packaging for a while now and the Aeneid made for the perfect platform to showcase what they were capable of. While this never struck me as a weakness of their products, the unboxing experience here is truly one of a kind and perfectly befitting of a luxury, flagship product. The outer sleeve is rubberised with cutouts revealing the hard box within, both inscribed with Roman iconography. Opening the magnetic lid showcases the purple hand-stitched leather zipper case as seen on their other School of Athens and Parnassus cables. I love these cases, they feel ultra-premium and have an internal pocket alongside a soft, anti-scratch suede interior. Surrounding is a 3D printed sculpture that gives the impression the buyer has unearthed a lost treasure. A fun addition is a 3D-printed column for the buyer to enjoy. Inside the case is the cable and Pentaconn slider. This is an interesting addition; the slider features an OFC copper construction with silver plating on top. Nippon DICs reasons it aids shielding and its weighted construction reduces microphonic noise transmission.

Design –

If you catch public transport and aren’t versed in hand-to-hand combat, this cable may not suit. The first and lasting impression of the Aeneid is that is feels and looks expensive. The folks at Eletech have always had a knack for premium designs and the Aeneid is an almost unrivalled showcase of expertise, creativity, and opulence. Of course, the new colosseum Y-split draws focus first, it is truly a marvel to behold and the intricacy of the machine work is astounding. All elements showcase a flawless finish, a captivating contrast between smooth gold and brushed black anodized aluminium. Small details such as the ridging beneath the gold outlay are a brilliant display of top-level craftsmanship and design. Eletech’s insulation portrays the stunning gold conductors below. It is one of my favourites, I haven’t found their insulation to harden or haze over time, having used their Prudence cable for about a year now.

Beside the design, the Aeneid upholds a familiar experience coming from other Eletech cables, which is a good thing. I applaud that the company were able to achieve this whilst retaining a sound ergonomic experience as the Aeneid isn’t just great to study, it’s a pleasure to use as well. I was surprised, especially given how densely packed the conductors are, how soft the cable is. It has zero memory and minimal microphonic noise transmission too, making it highly tangle resistant and great to live with day to day. While it is thicker than your standard cable, the 24AWG wires are hardly unwieldy. I never felt like the cable was weighing down my IEMs and compromising ergonomics. The ear guides are well-shaped and comfortable, further aiding fit stability. The option to remove the Pentaconn chin slider is welcome, providing the option to increase the weight and decrease cable noise during stationary listening, or lighten the cable for portable use.

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