Han Sound Audio Aegis – Rock, Romance N’ Rollercoasters


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Effect Audio Bespoke 8-wire Ares II ($300)

The Ares II trumps the Aegis in staging and imaging. Instruments are taller, more distantly spread and the air between them is blacker as well. Comparatively, the Aegis is more intimate, engaging and loud. It has a more dynamic low-end with greater clarity and impact. The Bespoke’s is warmer and more relaxed with less upper-bass content. In the midrange, the Ares II portrays stronger resolution. It maintains a brighter upper-midrange with more pep and zing, which is also true of its upper-treble. But, the Bespoke has great headroom to match, so cymbals sound crisp as they shimmer, yet never harsh. The Aegis doesn’t generate as much air, but remains smooth at all times despite its energy.

Effect Audio Thor Silver II ($399)

The Thor Silver II’s raised treble region gives it a brighter tone relative to the Aegis. However, it portrays a similar sense of balance and linearity throughout its signature. Stage dimensions are similar between the two, but the the Thor Silver II brings background instruments further forward. This is especially true of stringed instruments, where backing violins sound sweeter and more vibrant. Above all, they’re most similar down low with impactful emphasis along the mid-bass. Conversely, they’re most different up top. The Thor Silver II’s treble is further elevated, but silkier, smoother and more refined. The Aegis’ lower-treble is relatively more raw, punchy and dynamic, yet still far from strident all the same.

PlusSound Exo Silver + Gold ($349.99)

Both the Aegis and the Exo exhibit dynamic presentations by way of w-shaped responses. Staging-wise, the Silver + Gold portrays stronger width, but depth is similar. It also has a more guttural, sub-bass-oriented low-end. The Aegis bumps in the mid-bass, which gives it the edge in timbre. Its throbs are warmer and meatier in texture, while the Silver + Gold’s feel foundational. The Aegis has a lower-midrange bias, so instruments here sound richer, buttery-er and warmer – yet still vibrant as well. Conversely, the Silver + Gold rises at 2-5kHz, which gives it a brighter bite. This is also due to its accentuated upper-treble, while the Aegis articulates around 6kHz; where the Silver + Gold remains subdued.


The Han Sound Audio Aegis is dynamite done right. In a landscape filled with generic SPC conductors that rob in-ear monitors of harmonic resolution, vocal integrity and tonal accuracy under the guise of impact, it’s utterly refreshing to see a cable with the maturity and know-how to maintain both sides in equal measure. The Aegis utterly thrives on thumps and thwacks, but crucially, it sacrifices nothing in the process. In fact, with that energy comes a warmer, meatier mid-bass, richer, better resolved vocals and top-end headroom to spare. All that plus first-class hardware and build, and you have yourselves one heck of a package. The Aegis is filled to the brim with warm, raw energy, but treats it with the respect and finesse that your 499 Singaporean dollars deserve – TNT in a suit-and-tie; dynamism with class.

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  1. Great review!

    I paired one of these with an A12t and find it alright. Before, the A12t sounded a little bright and harsh for me, especially since I had paired it with an 8 wire cable that boosted transparency a little too far for me. There’s slight veil but this has been an exceedingly comfortable listening experience for me so far.

    • Thanks! The Aegis definitely sacrifices a bit of transparency and resolve relative to 8-wire cables, because of – as I mentioned – its longer bass decay, linear upper-treble, etc. 8-wire cables tend to have a lot more dynamic range and space to them – so, a blacker background, more air around notes, etc. But, for what the Aegis is going for signature-wise, I think it’s absolutely stellar. Maybe an 8-wire Aegis to resolve that slight veil? 😉


  2. I am LOVING Han Sound Cables. I’ve heard quite a few top end cables from many companies and Han Sound stood out big time to my ears. I am looking forward to hearing the SilverFi’s as well as they have a lot of hype around them. Can’t wait to get my venom, your thoughts on the Aegis are the same as mine. Great review.

    • Thanks Ike! SilverFi’s have been a great interest of mine as well. Congrats on the Venom! It’s a wonderful cable to my ears.


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