Jomo Audio’s Pro-Audio & Mélange Series Launch Event – Let’s Dance!

Select Comparisons and Closing Thoughts

Jomo Audio Déux vs. Empire Ears Bravado

The Déux and the Bravado share many qualities, especially with regards to vocal placement and presentation. Both produce neutrally-placed instruments to boost soundstage depth and precision. However, the Bravado maintains a clearer, drier timbre due to its leaner lower-midrange and greater lower-treble peak. The Déux’s low-end is mid-bass-inclined, while the Bravado’s leans towards the sub-bass. So down low, the Déux is warmer in tone and the same is true for its stage; carrying a musical atmosphere that coheres its instruments together. The Bravado has superior bass texture and resolution, but its articulation-led lower-treble renders it more fatiguing. Finally, the Bravado has the edge in imaging precision and soundstage width, while the Déux has a more linear, unified and coherent presentation.

Jomo Audio Quatré vs. Empire Ears Legend X

Agains the Quatré, the Legend X displays superior transparency, because of its cleaner transients and more precise imaging. The Quatré’s larger notes present a more forward and harmonic presentation; vibrant rather than nonchalant. Down low, the Legend X outdoes the Quatré in texture, layering and resolution, whilst maintaining a similar level of musicality. The Quatré is more forward-sounding in the upper-mids, while the Legend X’s bass absolutely takes prominence; overtaking the midrange and treble in positioning. Because of this, it also portrays a grander stage, but the Quatré edges it out in height. The Legend X images more precisely, because of a greater, cleaner contrast between notes and the black background. Ultimately, it’s the better option for a more theatre/speaker-like listening experience, even with its more prominent sub-bass. The Quatré is more gripping and engaging; again, ideal for active listening.

Closing Thoughts

Jomo Audio’s five new models represent huge steps forward for the company. Never one to grow complacent, Joseph Mou is making one technological advancement after another – going from proprietary drivers, to phase correction technology, to air-controlled hybrids within the course of a year. The latter specifically offers unprecedented customisation, depicting exciting prospects for future developments to come. Along with these innovations are welcome shifts in signature. Forward and vibrant instruments were never hallmarks of the Jomo Audio house sound, but this will be the draw for international audiences, whom I’m sure will find much to love in every new model. All in all, this was an impressive launch from Jomo Audio and I can’t wait to delve deeper into these IEMs, should the opportunity ever arise.





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