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Product Launch: Elysian’s Mini-Annihilator Now Available! Welcome the Pilgrim!

Elysian Acoustic Labs is perhaps best renowned for the Annihilator, one of the first IEMs to tame Sonion’s temperamental EST tweeter system, becoming famous in the high-end IEM realm. Though beloved, the Annilator’s TOTL performance came with a TOTL price tag to match leaving it out of reach for the majority.

This changes with the new Pilgrim which takes the same expertise and scales this down to a midrange asking price. The Pilgram sports a 4-driver setup with a hybrid configuration. This is comprised of a custom-made 9.2mm dynamic driver with liquid silicon rubber that promises superlative sub-bass extension alongside 2 distinct types of custom-tailored Sonions BA drivers. The midrange is delivered by a Sonion 2300 driver while the high-end uses dual Sonion E50-series ultra-tweeters.

All of this is housed within a 3D-printed enclosure with master-crafted internal chambers and sound tubes ensuring a great in-hand feel alongside reduced distortion and accurate phase coherence. The shell is made from 304 stainless steel ensuring performance and longevity.

The Pilgrim is available from HiFiGO for $399 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit here.



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