The Old Ways Wrapped in New – A Review of the Hidizs AP80


I performed most of my critical listening on the HiFiMAN Sundara ($499), and this setup is awe-inspiring. Both Sundara and AP80 are neutral, yet musical, clear, yet fulsome, and ever so resolving. The Hidizs offers sufficient power to really open these cans up. Together, they make an incredible high-res experience.

For the ultimate in musicality, without breaking the bank, pair her up with the Final Audio Design E5000 ($279, Review HERE). This little thing delivers all the warmth and naturalness you could ever want, enveloping you in deep, rich tones. AP80’s capacity for clarity and transparency help keep things from getting too clouded, while its rapturous low-end brings out the full potential of these monitors.

Down this same path, but on a whole other performance tier, the Massdrop + Custom Art FIBAE ME ($819.99, Review HERE) is a riotous joy. It holds to the tuning philosophy of the E5000, but you get better separation, resolution, and treble extension. It makes another outstanding match with the Hidizs player.

Well shit. That’s not a very long review, but I feel I’ve said enough. It’s no small thing, to have access to the kind of gear I do, and still find beauty and genuine quality in a budget DAP like the AP80. In fact, within this price range, I’ve never heard a better player.


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  1. I’m disappointed with this review. It reads well, until you realize it came to an end – before it even got to the main point / feature of any music player, i.e. sound (other than the fm tuner 🙂

    • Pinky Powers on

      It seems you stopped reading at Page 1. There are two other pages, both of which are all about sound.

  2. Piervittorio Trebucchi on

    Hi, I bought a Hidizs AP80 convinced by the good reviews of this brand’s products.
    And I confirm that the product looks good, is well built and guarantees high quality audio, supporting all possible formats.
    Unfortunately, the instructions are inexistent, a few dozen lines which also refer to the Chinese version of the software.
    The real problem is the user interface, which seems to have been developed by a drunk who hasn’t seen any media player in his life.
    It seems impossible to get a directory view (folders with the titles of the discs), a display in alphabetical order or by author, play a complete disc by clicking on the folder with the name of that disc, have a search function for folders or files, have a random playback, etc.
    In fact, once I inserted the 128gb micro SD card with my 400 favorite lossless APE + CUE discs, mostly of audiophile quality, I simply found myself with an alphabetical list of about 4000 songs … Maybe, if there were any instructions, the problem could be solved, since the sw is anything but intuitive.
    But I don’t want to waste time and get nervous, so the AP80 is back in its box, and the MicroSD with my music is back in the smartphone, which with Neutron as an audiophile media layer, is a good solution.
    I have not yet thrown the AP80 into garbage, in the secret hope that in the future they will implement a user interface that is not ridiculous and demented.

    P.S. In their online shop, they publish only the five stars reviews, so there isn’t any possibility to write and read the truth about the AP80 (and this is the reason why they have only two reviews – probably fake – about the product), and they don’t answer in their facebook pages to any critic. Simply, you cannot post a critic comment.

    100% chinese mood and crap.

    • Pinky Powers on

      Upon boot-up, click on Player. Then hit the Music icon at the top. Then go to Files. This is folder view. Once you’ve found the album you want, begin playing your desired track. You can then Swipe Left to full screen the album art and gain access to all the usual features, such as Play Through Folder, Loop, Loop 1, and Random. You can click on a little heart icon to Make Favorite. There’s a whole Settings bar for more options.

      I don’t know if every features you want is here, but this more than covers my needs. It seems like maybe you gave up before digging deeper or asking for help on the forums.

      You are right about one thing, though. Hidizs is a small Chinese company. And like many of these boutique audiophile companies, they lack the resources to be everything for everybody, everywhere in the world.

      • Mobin Haque on

        I just started researching Hidizs AP80 a couple hours ago and this is the second time I have come across this same complaint, copy/paste. I guess I’ll buy it from Aliexpress. I have had zero issues with refunds from them.

      • I’ll say the same, I bought an AP80 one week ago and I have no problem at all. Works fine, sounds better, and the touch screen Isn’t the most precise I have seen, but is usable. Happy with the purchase, better by far in sound, screen and usability than my old Cowon C2. If you pair the AP80 with Final Audio E4000, sounds great!!

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