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1More E1008 Earbud Review

Introduction –

Everyone knows earbuds, those cheap, tinny sounding throwaways included with almost every mp3 player. So then, it may come as a surprise that earbuds are making a comeback and not in the way that you might think. While there are many brilliant earbuds that can be had for just a few dollars, the renowned VE Monk+ probably being the best example, a newfound market for premium earbuds has recently opened up. With the vast majority of these premium earbuds being produced by small Chinese vendors, the $90 USD E1008 from 1More represents a much more premium experience in addition to a more mature sound.

Given the immense response towards the 1More triple driver hybrid, it was surprising to see that its non-isolating brother, the E1008, had almost no online reviews in English. Hooked by the earbud’s exquisite design and 1More’s venerable reputation with budget earphones, I personally purchased a set to compare to what is perhaps, the most widely recommended earbud out there and my personal favourite, the Shozy Cygnus. Let’s find out if the E1008 is the premium earbud experience we’ve all been waiting for.


Accessories –

The E1008 makes a strong first impression through its outstanding unboxing worthy of notable mention. The embossed box magnetically latches open revealing the earbuds surrounded by vectors of the design process and a statement of 1More’s production ethos. Underneath lies the accessories all within their own labelled boxes, effectively satisfying my inner OCD. 1More provide the user with a well-sized pleather carry case, a nice brushed metal shirt clip and airplane adapter and a comprehensive set of covers with various sound properties and functions.

The E1008 comes with a set of silicone covers pre-order installed though an extra set of rings, 2 pairs of foam sponge covers and 3 Bose-style wing covers are also included. The wing covers do provide a bit more stability and the foams are of the denser, plusher variety though I did prefer the sound of the E1008’s with the stock silicone rings.Overall, the unboxing and accessory suite are exemplary for an earbud, most of which tend to come with no packaging at all. The similarly priced Shozy Cygnus came with only a case and the equipped donut foams making the 1More earbud seem thoroughly royal by comparison.

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  1. Am I the only person in the world that thinks the shozy cygnus is the mp3 of earphones.Warm syrupy tonality with just enough detail to fool you into thinking you are hearing the music.Worst waste of money yet.

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