Edifier R1010BT Studio Monitor Speaker Review

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The R1080BT is a compact active speaker that assumes the more classic design of Edifier’s bookshelf line-up. And though they carry that more traditional aesthetic, they are perfectly comfortable within a computer/laptop setup due to their meagre dimensions and understated design. And despite being quite simple in look, the speakers are handsome and well finished with an aesthetic quality that belies their affordable asking price.


The speakers have the same MDF construction as the R1280T but now assume a black wood finish on their side panels as opposed to the more natural wood grain on Edifier’s higher model. They are available in brown though I personally found the black model more convincing. The main housings of the speakers also have a faux leather texture though it is fine and subtle, providing a little extra tactility without becoming gaudy. I am definitely a fan of the R1010BT’s design as with Edifier’s other speakers, a budget speaker set has no right to look this good!


And in terms of build quality, the speakers feel very solid with some decent weight and none of the hollowness associated with similarly priced speakers with a plastic construction. Removing the mesh covers reveals a visually intriguing driver array with that yellow ceramic cone woofer really stealing the show. Above sits a dome tweeter that is well protected from damage even when the protective covers are removed.


The right speaker also houses a status LED which shines blue when in Bluetooth mode and green when running through a wired connection. The edges of the speakers are all rounded and soft though some angling of the side panels imbues them with a more striking geometric look. Each speaker sits atop 4 foam feet that prevent the speakers from wandering during high volume playback and also protect the surface they placed on.

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  1. Right, but it’s clear now why “Sub-bass is mostly non-existent” – they don’t reproduce 20 to 70 Hz at all

  2. They’re rated for 70Hz-20KHz, but obviously, that doesn’t really reflect their real world performance.

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