Effect Audio Signature Series 8: More is More

Closing thoughts

For anyone looking for a good starting point when it comes to quality third-party cables, it makes sense to stick with a trusted brand with a solid reputation, and they don’t come much bigger than Effect Audio. EA’s Signature Series is impressive not only for its excellent price-performance, but also for its versatility, attention to detail and, with the newer 8-wire versions, a solid upgrade to just about any basic cable, even the good ones. 

However, despite of all the positives, there’s always some checkpoints to consider. If you don’t like thicker cables – and I find the 8-wire Signatures fairly thick – then these won’t be for you, soft and twist-free as they might be. If you have bigger ears, the stiffer ear guides might also be an issue, so I suggest trying before buying, if you can.

Another point to remember, especially if you’re more concerned about sound improvements (or tweaks) rather than ergonomics or aesthetics, is that these two cables aren’t miraculously going to transform your IEMs. They might make them clearer sounding, or give the bass a bit more punch, or smooth out some rough vocal edges, but these changes will be subtle. If you don’t like how an IEM sounds, it’s unlikely a Signature Series cable will change that.

However, if you have IEMs that can benefit from what Ares S or Cadmus have to offer, I can think of no better cables in this price range and with this many features and options. They look great, feel great and sound great, and for $300-odd, I’d say that’s check, check and check. An easy recommendation from me.    



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