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Not just numbers: Effect Audio Fusion 1 and Code 23 

Effect Audio (EA), the popular Singapore-based boutique cable maker, has had quite a year. Not only has the company branched out into IEMs and merchandising, they’ve also extended their cable range with some higher-end, out-the-box cable designs, two of which I’ll be taking a closer look at today.

Fusion 1 represents the start of a new series of cables for EA, based on an alchemic mix of materials that achieves a somewhat unpredictable and quite unique sound profile. Code 23 is the second in its line of Code series ables, and breaks with convention with an unapologetically unergonomic design that seeks to maximise the potential of coaxial copper for IEM users. 

Both these cables feature EA’s flexible ConX system, of which I’m a big fan despite mumbles from purists about sound quality degradation, and also optionally feature TermX, a proprietary modular connector system of which I’m less enthused. My Fusion 1 sample has a fixed connector, while Code 23 shipped with TermX, so I’ll cover both options later in this review. 

Say what you want about EA, variety seems to be their mantra. From the ‘entry-level’ Signature Series (reviewed here), to Code and Fusion, the Heritage Series, and the flagships, there’s a flavour and price point for just about any application. If you’re into third-party cables, EA has consistently delivered quality and performance at every budget point, and branching out with more creative and unconventional designs seems to be the next logical step.

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Guy Lerner

Guy Lerner

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