Not just numbers: Effect Audio Fusion 1 and Code 23 

Closing thoughts

With Fusion 1 and Code 23, Effect Audio has added another interesting layer to its multifaceted and somewhat prolific cable design approach. Despite their obvious differences, both of these premium cables have a very clear design agenda – to experiment, maximise and further the potential of their base materials. 

Fusion 1 takes the mix-and-match approach, looking to extract as much nuance as possible from its gold, silver and copper alloys, while Code 23 is unerring in its commitment to solid, high-purity copper. You could say the two are almost Ying and Yang, though it would not have surprised me if EA decided to group them together in the same series, such are their similarities too. 

Between the two, Fusion 1 is likely to be the more popular choice, even though it’s more costly. It’s an easier cable to wear, and overall it looks and feels more premium too. Code 23 is understated by comparison, although those who prefer a stealth minimalist look might prefer it. Ergonomically I can see many users taking issue with Code 23’s size, but mostly stiffness; it’s not the easiest of cables to adjust to, even though it’s deceptively comfortable and easy to contort. 

Sonically, the cable I choose would depend on the pairings I have for it. Warmer, thicker-sounding IEMs might be more at home with Fusion 1, though there are exceptions to that rule, as evidenced by my preference for Code 23 with Xe6. If you want to maintain your IEM’s analogue sound and are happy with its technical performance, then Code 23 would likely be my pick. 

Ultimately it comes down to a choice of two flavours and two philosophies, and considering both these cables together cost less than many so-called ‘higher end’ flagship cables, there’s nothing stopping you from buying both for a bargain. After all, these are still flagship cables in their own right, and deservedly so. 

You can purchase Fusion 1 directly from EA here, or Code 23 directly from here. Both links have more information on these cables too.   



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