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Product Launch: AFUL SY01 SnowyNightDAC & AMP!

AFUL has made a name for themselves very quickly and recently more so by shaking up the driver war with their single-driver IEM, the Magic One. Continuing their streak, the company just announced the SnowyNight, a portable DAC/AMP using a pair of Cirrus Logic’s CS43199 DAC chips. This is paired to a dual headphone interface with both 3.5mm single-ended output and 4.4mm balanced. AFUL has managed to extract a whopping 4.2-5.4V output from the compact device and up to 300mW of output power into a 32 Ohm load all with a 130dB SNR.

The output impedance is not specified but the company does promise a low noise floor suitable for sensitive IEMs. To differentiate the SY01 from the market, in addition to impressive specifications, AFUL has paid special attention to the USB decoding aspect as they argue this is the bottleneck in most portable designs. They use special signal transmission software alongside a high-quality cable to provide stable data transmission that is near lossless and more similar to a coaxial or optical signal.

The price has not yet been released but the device will be on sale from the 31st of January. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a unit on release at HiFiGO!



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