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Product Launch: Astell & Kern HC2 Dual DAC Cable!

We’ve recently reviewed quite a few products from Astell & Kern and have found their devices to be united by an immaculately clean, focused sound. This also rang true for their far more affordable Dual DAC Cable which brought some of that experience into a handy dongle form factor. However, though sonically impressive, that device was limited by its 2-ohm output impedance and lack of balanced connector.

Astell & Kern have been quick to address this with the release of their new HC2. It offers a very similar design language but introduces 4.4mm balanced output in place of the 3.5mm single-ended output on the PEE51. It features a similar dual CS43198 Dual DAC setup and dual-shielded cable alongside a beautifully designed alloy shell.

The HC2 will be available from Mid-June from Busisoft AV and its dealers for $239 AUD or $279 NZD.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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