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Product Launch: Audeze Updates their Legendary Flagship, Welcome LCD-5!

Audeze is one of those legendary headphone brands that has been the subject of desire for so many audiophiles. Their LCD-4 flagship blew many listeners away with its rich tonality and detailed sound. Following hot on the heals of the CRBN electrostatic system, Audeze once again turns their attention towards their planar magnetic offerings, with an all-new flagship, the LCD-5.

The LCD-5 is a completely new design bottom to top. It sports a new driver design with parallel uniforce voice coils and a new magnet assembly. The housings have received equally drastic changes, being designed to minimise refletions, improve frequency response and offer an altogether more open and accurate soundstage.

Audeze has considered each and every part of the headphone including new acoustic leather earpads, an improved carbon-fiber suspension headband, deep “tortoise shell acetate rings, lightweight magnesium housing and a new cable with high-purity OCC copper conductors. These yield a 1/3rd weight drop relative to the LCD-4. Finally, an aluminium travel case keeps the headphones safe during transit.

The LCD-5 just launched for $6799 AUD or $4500 USD. Australian readers can see authorised dealers on Busisoft AV and our international readers can find more info via Audeze’s website here.



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