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Product Launch: Cayin E02 Audio Motherboard

Cayin has grown a great presence and name in the audio industry for their competitive line of audio players and amplifiers. We’ve reviewed a few of their products now on THL and it’s clear that the company know what they’re doing!

The N6II is one of their most popular products, featuring modular audio motherboards. Where other DAPs are able to swap amp modules, the N6II is able to exchange essentially its entire audio circuitry including the DAC. The E02 is the latest motherboard from Cayin featuring dual ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DAC chips for a balanced output. The E02 is priced at $400 USD.

You can read more about the EO2 on HiFiGO’s blog post here and purchase one for yourself here.

Tech Specs:

  • High-performance Dual DAC setup, featuring dual ES9038Q2M DAC chips.
  • Four-Way I/V Conversion.
  • Four-Way Discrete Component Powerful Amplification.
  • Output Power PO:- 600mW at 32 Ohms load, 137mW at 150 Ohms load, and 69mW at 300 Ohms load.
  • Three Level Line out mode, High, Medium, Low.
  • Output Power LO:- 4.1V @ 10k Ohm load, High.
    • 3.2V @ 10k Ohm Load, Medium.
    • 2.1V @ 10k load, Low.
  • THD+N: 0.001%.
  • Dynamic Range: 121dB.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 121dB.
  • Separation: 106dB.
  • Battery Life of up to 9.5 hours.



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