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Product Launch: Custom Art Refreshes Their Flagship Fibae 7!

You’ll find a wealth of reviews for Custom Art on THL and just as many positive impressions. These guys know how to make a great IEM with a wide range suiting various preferences. Furthermore, the company were one of the first to offer a flat-impedance design in the form of their Fibae technology. The Fibae 7 followed up on their famous Harmony 8.2 and was one of their most acclaimed models. After refreshing their entry-level and midrange offerings, the company has returned with a new flagship, the Fibae 7 Unlimited!

This model features seven balanced armature drives like its predecessor with dual sub, single low-mid, dual mid-high and dual top-firing tweeters. The Unlimited was tuned to best its predecessor in all regards, taking on feedback from customers and critics. It adds extra sub-bass, a slightly more forgiving midrange and improved high-frequencies with a new 3D-printed special waveguide. The company reasons this is their ultimate frequency response, smooth and natural with an expansive soundstage.

The Fibae 7 Unlimited just launched for 1500 EUR but can be pre-ordered for 1200 EUR for a limited time only. You can read more about it and treat customise a unit for yourself here.



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