Product Launch: EVO – New Multi-Driver Etymotic Flagship!


Etymotic are a legend of the audio world, pioneering the ultra-linear reference tuning that has become popularised as of late. Their earphones have been the gold standard in balance and timbre for a long time albeit considered limited by their single balanced armature design.

The EVO seeks to change this and once again challenge the high-end world of audio. Implementing a 3xBA setup, this is the first multi-driver model from the company and their highest end monitor to date. In addition, it comes with a complete shell redesign, no longer adopting the famous bullet-style shells of the ER-series.

The EVO is the culmination of 30 years of earphone engineering research and innovation. It implements a two-way design focusing on recreating an accurate, true sub-bass and transparency across the entire audio spectrum. Moulded stainless steel shells complete a beautiful sonic and visual experience.

The EVO is now available for $749 AUD/$849 NZD/$499.95 USD. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a unit on Busisoft AV!


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