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Product Launch: Fiio FA7s!

Fiio has been on a roll lately with its range of cost-effective, high-performance IEMs. While their first releases skewed more towards the former, their new models have definitely brought up the latter quality. However, while their DD and hybrid models have been receiving no shortage of accolades, their BA monitors have been more polarising. Perhaps the FA7 exemplified this best due to its dark, closed-in sound tuning and the new FA7s attempts to rebuild this foundation with huge revisions all around.

The FA7s is immediately a far more complex and thought out design. It assumes a 6x BA driver setup up from 4 on the original FA7. In addition, they adopt the compact circular design seen on the FD earphones alongside their smart and stylish injection-moulded steel construction. Fiio are quick to mention that the FA7s is using Knowles-produced, custom-tuned mid-high frequency driver for their desired FR. Finally, the FA7s comes with a high-purity SPC cable with twist-lock modular connectors.

The FA7s just launched for $339 USD. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio!



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