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Product Launch: Fiio FH5S 2DD + 2BA IEM!

Fiio are a hugely prominent audio company who have enjoyed years of success on their numerous endeavours. Though not their first design, the original FH5 was surely the first IEM that put them on the map as a serious competitor in this sector. The company just announced the highly anticipated sequel to their popular hybrid earphone, the all-new FH5S.

The FH5S is a quad-driver earphone adopting a new 2DD + 2BA driver format as has become popularised in recent months. A 12mm Be-plated DD with 1.5 Tesla magnets promises a robust and powerful low-end while a 6mm Ba-plated DD now covers the midrange rather than a BA setup as before. Knowles’ trusty TWFK-30017 duo handles the top end.

Meanwhile, Fiio have given the acoustic design some additional thought with a 3-piece semi-open back design that balances air pressure on either side of the dynamic drivers and enhance the soundstage reproduction. 3 tuning switches make an appearance derived from their BA models, offering 8 styles of sound to suit different preferences. A high-purity Litz SPC cable completes a premium experience.

The FH5S is launching at $269.99 USD at the time of writing and is offered in black and silver. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO and Apos Audio.



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