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Product Launch: Fiio M17 Flagship DAP!

Fiio turns a new page with the release of the M17 which is their vision of a flagship, desktop-replacement DAP. In order to realise this, the M17 implements a full desktop DAC, AMP and power supply setup intended to rival any full-sized listening setup. True to its name, the M17 is the most ambitious design by Fiio with 17 independent PCB’s all finished in gold and meticulously shielded and separated to produce maximum performance.

This starts with dual ES9028PRO DAC chips, dual THX AAA 788+ Amp modules, dual power supplies, integrated supercapacitor and a whopping 9200mAH battery powering the show. This enables the M17 to output a whopping 3W per channel and can be hooked up to an external DC power supply for an additional 35% boost in power. In order to tame this beast, the M17 implements a H-type heater dissipation system with VC liquid cooling technology and passive transfer via its unibody aluminium frame.

The M17 just went live for purchase on Apos Audio for $1799 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to one here.



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