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Product Launch: Helm Audio DB12 AAAMP

Helm Audio is a British-American company and an off-shoot of the now widely renowned 1More, with a sharper focus on the Audiophile market. I previously reviewed their BT5.0 TWS in-ear which I found to offer stunning bass for the form factor if leaving some room for improvement overall. Nonetheless, the company has been hard at work, ironing out the kinks, and their newly announced products look to carry very real innovation and quality.

One product that caught my eye was the DB12, a headphone cable with built-in THX AAA amplifier. I recall THX giving some very impressive tech demos when they announced their AAA technology, showcasing massive jumps in efficiency over traditional designs. This was reaffirmed multiple times by award-winning products such as the much-lauded Drop Panda and THX789 amplifier – the latter of which I personally invested in and use happily on the daily.

The DB12 implements the very same technology, promising to deliver a clean 12dB boost, just about tripling the sound pressure level of the source. In addition, the cable offers a 6dB bass boost which will be handy for movies, gaming and listening in noisy environments. It carries 6-8hrs battery life and looks to be a very svelte plug & play upgrade for any portable audio chain.

The DB12 went live today on Drop for a $50 discount off its usual $199 USD asking price.



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Ryan Soo

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