Product Launch: LZ A4 Pro Quad-Driver Hybrid IEM!


LZ HiFi Audio has been around for a few years and they’re surely had their share of well-received releases. The A4 Pro is their latest model sporting three high-performance Knowles BA drivers and a CNT diaphragm dynamic driver. Like many competitors, the company has also implemented a tuning feature whereby the user can adjust the sound to their preferences.

However, they’ve taken this a step further than simple tuning switches. The A4 Pro has both replaceable tuning nozzles and replaceable rear cavity tuning ports. This can be seen on the rear of the housings, there are various sized rear vents that can be swapped via a Philips head screwdriver. Otherwise, this is shaping up to be a refined package in-line with the competition, featuring a 3D-Printed housing and 8-wire graphene copper-silver alloy cable.

The A4 Pro just launched for $259 USD at the time of writing. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set on HiFiGO!


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