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Product Launch: Moondrop Aria 2!

Moondrop is changing the game for affordable portable audio with the update to their popular Aria IEM! The Aria 2 packs more tech at the same attainable asking price. With an inside-out redesign, it promises far superior audio performance. This include a new ceramic-coated dome dynamic driver that promises superior performance to traditional metal coatings Internally, the earphones feature a composite magnetic circuit and independent brass caivty.

As before, the shell is metal and reminiscent of all of the company’s single-DD models but not implements sound vents that serve to both enhance sound quality and relieve in-ear wearing pressure. Nozles with a high-precision brass filter enhance the tonal balance and replaceable acoustic filters make it easy to service and modify these earphones. As before, the Aria 2 traces the company’s VDSF tuning curve promising balanced and versatile listening. With upgrades all around, the Aria 2 is sure to be a winner!

You can read more about the Aria 2 and treat yourself to a set on Apos Audio!



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