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Product Launch: Moondrop’s First TWS Model, Meet the Sparks!

Moondrop is much beloved by many in the modern day for their production of hit after hit at varying price point. In particular, the company has cracked the code for delivering a natural and balanced tonality with their VDSF reference curve that lies somewhere between the Harman and diffuse-field neutral signatures.

The company is expanding their reach with the new Sparks, a true wireless earphone tuned according to the VDSF curve that popularised their wired in-ears. It promises a detailed sound with an in-house developed dynamic driver outfit with all the goodies – think N52 magnets, a Be-coated diaphragm with PU surround and Japanese imported lightweight CCAW Daikoku voice coil.

The earphone runs on Qualcomm’s latest QCC3040 SOC providing BT5.2 support alongside aptX and AAC codec support and low-latency. The earphones boast 8hrs of runtime and a total of 48hrs of listening time including the charging case. Finally, a new Moondrop app has been developed to enable OTA firmware updates, sound quality customisation via sound profiles and ongoing feature enhancements over time.

The Sparks is launching at just $89.99 USD at the time of writing. You can read more about the Sparks and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO and Apos Audio. Look forward to a review coming soon to THL alongside comparisons to Moondrop’s wired models. Stay tuned!



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